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In 1992, Eddie Koiki Sambo was posthumously awarded the Australian Human Rights Medal in the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission Awards, together with the Reverend Dave Passi, Sam Passi (deceased), James Rice (deceased), Celuia Mapo Salee (deceased) and Barbara Hocking (deceased). The award was in recognition “of their long and determined battle to gain justice for their people” and the “work over many years to gain legal recognition for indigenous people’s rights”.

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  1. I think the elite with power will stop at nothing. They lie to their own people and the world. You cannot blame the population. Give people something, tell them they can have everything, and they will follow only to achieve average at best. But as long as you are not an aboriginal why care? Only average people know a nation is built together and is at ease with differences. Give whites the worry of trying to make a living, pay bills etc and they will never see the wider picture. The rich elite sleep safe in the knowledge we are all stupid and no threat to them.

  2. This video brings tears to my eyes. The thought that we as human can feel that we are so privileged and supreme as members of a certain race that we can subject other races to the Level of dehumanization that the aborigines were subjected to, deeply saddens me.

  3. ,helping please the peoble of the world coming from the black region in this world. The member of the Klux kukclan is a big Monster, in the Migration . from Basel also the politicien from Bern ist asemble from the Mafia and member from Terrorist groupes, please helping make stopped this gangsters. Also the Nazist from Kluxkukclan are make this Corona, in this world she like negative thinks this world from go oright .

  4. Why do they do this to every people group they encounter? Peace & trading are never an option with them! The people on Sentinel Island are probably the smartest Black people on the face of the Earth!! I’m so glad Yahusha is coming.. YAHUAH TSEBAOTH!! ⚔️⚔️⚔️

  5. Anyone that reads scripture knows what God said he will do to his children scatter them abroad, and they will be sold as slaves. Well a child could understand that. God said and the nation that they will serve will I judge so don't worry my people judgement day is coming and let's see if they can handle the raft of God.

  6. I cannot put in to words how ashamed I am to be white and british. We have swept through the lands of indigenous people's all over this globe like a diseased parasitic entity, corrupting and destroying everything sacred to the people who truly belong to THEIR lands.

  7. Every time I watch Aboriginal documentaries about Terror the First people experienced my wairua stirs up. I understand what they are feeling deep down inside their spiritual being. When I attended Tafe in Sydney, I was shocked to know how little the Australian youth knew about the plight of the Aboriginal people and ignorant of Native Title. Australia needs to educate all children from kindergarten to Universities as the truth is truly precious.

  8. I can't help but consider where they came from… And the projecting/ deflectionary tactics seem an innate trait…I honestly look at this world as a Narsissistic family dynamic…we have the Golden child(ren):(Narcs in training) & the scapegoat child(ren)… This doesn't encompass all explaination of society, but it is definitely embedded in the scenario/economics of life on Earth. The "parents" are the real concern…"Who's your Daddy?" Hits differently with this way of thinking..🤔😑
    I then Yah for your Studious spirit & Hard work TCA. Blessings to the Body 💟

  9. It’s not just the aboriginal people that are victims. Corrupt judiciary and the ruling class sent boatloads of uneducated victims into a hostile environment. The great social experiment by these ruling class carries on today. We will thank Mr Mabo and his strength and middle class Australia may well have to fight the very same ruling class that are continuing their oppression

  10. Great video as usual my brother , im not surprising what happent to Australia now,The Most Hight don´t forget what they have done, and now The Most Hight YAHAWAH destroy every thing they have built AND IT´S JUST A PRELUDE, they will build again and YAHAWAH will distroy APTTMH YAHAWAH

  11. What?! The British are not Americans??!! Neither are colonist or Imperialist! Do tell me more about the strong delusional denial in the race and culture. LOL

  12. So…if you want a JUST system you’re communist???
    That means the non-communist is the evil one!
    And we should all want communism! And demand communism!
    USA violently forced all attempts at an alternative system to capitalism to fail by starting 50 wars (evil), assassinations, teaching torture, and many other forms of slavery! (See “Rogue State “by Wm Blum.

  13. We were all forced to need money over the millennia, see WCRTW pg 252, so it’s unnatural to need it, and it’s slavery. Australia should give all the Aboriginal people lots of free land, and build every family beautiful modern houses for free! And all nations should do that, like USA’s native Americans. Or better yet, all nations should start building only safe Tower cities connected to maglev Trains worldwide. Because building houses until there is no more vacant land for animals. So building houses destroys the Earth and should be illegal. See Revelation 11:13 God will destroy those who destroy the earth. So every flood, hurricane, wildfire, tornadoes, tsunami and every natural disaster is how God does that, because there will always be natural disasters. God is showing us that He is all powerful.

  14. Always thinking they know what's good for blacks then come back as if you want to fix the problem and mess them over some more give them something make them think we are trying. Another wolf in sheep clothing unit with your people move as one stop the infighting you have to move as one or you will never move .UNITY BLACK PEOPLE UNITY !!!!!!!!!!!!!! UNITY !!!!!!!!!! UNITY!!!!!!!!!!! UNITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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