🇪🇹1896 Ethiopia Battle of Adwa Menelik II Second Italo Ethiopian War Haile Selassie

The Second Italo-Ethiopian War, also referred to as the Second Italo-Abyssinian War, was a colonial war which was fought between October 1935 and February 1937. It is seen as an example of the expansionist policy that characterized the Axis powers and the inefficiency of the League of Nations before the outbreak of World War II

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  1. Yeah Bro!!! Just arrived back from Addis Abeba (Abyssinia) and had a discussion about why there are still remnants of Italian in Ethiopia 🇪🇹. The new culprit are the Chinese 🇨🇳🙄

  2. Thoughts Camera Action and viewers not going to say YAH revealed this but please👂right in our face BARACK OBAMA passed same sex marriage etc. right ok🤔huumm OBAMA NATION👀 ABOMINATION is this a COINCIDENCE they sound alike put away our degrees and pride acknowledge sometimes things are plain and simple IN ALL OUR GETTING GET understanding SHALOM BROTHERS AND SISTERS. I'm not trying to be the best in knowledge just showing what I see in the form how I can explain it

  3. I have a question do you believe that Rastafarians were the first ones to wake up to the truth even though not all Rasta people believe Hallie salassie is the messiah?

  4. Russia to the rescue.. As an American, they’re always trying to make Russia the enemy, and maybe they are their enemy. Russia did not participate in the Atlantic Slave Trade nor colonize Africa. As a matter of fact, they were outright against it.

  5. So the battle between Ethiopia and the Italians is so similar to the battles fought between the Hebrew and the their enemies when they were under Yah’s protection. Total destruction of the enemy. I am of the belief that the Queen of Sheba brought the knowledge to Yah to the people in Ethiopia. Outside of Yah fighting for this people, I can’t see how they could have won that war, the odds were completely against them. Yah would not suffer them to be defeated. Correct if I’m wrong, but isn’t it the Ethiopian “Jews” whose lineage cannot be contested? Even by those in “ Israel” today!


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