🇬🇧 Queen of England ordered to pay billions in slavery reparations to Jamaica 🇯🇲


Sound speech, that cannot be condemned; that he that is of the contrary part may be ashamed, having no evil thing to say of you. Titus 2:8

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  1. This is what I think about reparations for Jamaicans, continental Africans, African Americans and all children of Yah globally.. We're either not going to get it at all, or they're going to give us some of it but then trigger an economic crash so that we don't get an opportunity to use the money to improve our conditions. One way or another, they're going to pull an okie doke on us.

    Personally I don't think we're going to get our "great substance" until this demonic global system is completely done away with. I appreciate the efforts that some groups of black people like the Jamaicans in this video and the mau mau fighters from Kenya have done to try and get their dues, but we seriously can't expect to get restitution in a system that the powers that be STILL control. We need a completely new paradigm.

  2. Unashamed Critical Race thinking by the Holy people ….. what is the value of the life of an Ordinary man versus that of the Royal Diadem of the Bana Betu (Sons and Daughters) of our Creator Yakongo???

    Now add to that your collective intent to cause Hurt & Harm, Slavery and in most cases Murder ???

    If the Muzungu & Albino nations think for one second we will tolerate the loss of one life with meaningless words like Billions then they should rethink and quickly just how much they have under rated the True cost of a Child of Yakubu, let alone the millions of us over approximately 700 years in my reckoning on the West Coast of the Fatherland which includes Roman attitude and on the East coast our people from what was the Northern Kingdom for 1500 years at the hands of Arabs and Ishmael ????

    It might be best that as these facts are conveyed to former Slave Masters of Nations principalities and powers that the day of reckoning is now upon them and we are not cheap neither is any single life of the Bloodline of Yakubu recompensed with talk of Billions I wont stand for it and again the extent of your crimes are such that if and I say if we should have had such evil in our hearts to deal with you and your people and nation in the way that you have dealt with the Holy Seed I would expect the worse outcome …. as it is, you will have to keep your national money printers in your respective countries running for years, such is my anger towards you and that of our Heavenly Father Tata Nzambi, Yakongo, for your hate and complacent attitude towards any single life of our Divine family.

    Every nation has been hateful towards us and will be made to pay reparations and compensation for their crimes, in the mean time the Creator continues to pour the Bowl of His indignation on your lot, we are at the Second Bowl according to my reckoning 5 more to go … All praises to the Most High Yakongo !!!

  3. I've heard a lot if Master Race, brown shirt rhetoric coming out of Jamaica.
    I hope it hasn't taken over the mainstream culture.
    It would be disastrous for Jamaica to turn nazi.
    I love Jamaica.

  4. Repentance requires that you turn to the law and do what is right Ezekiel 18:21kjv. Restoration is required by law Levitcus 6:4 and that is what Zacheous repented and gave back what he stole according to the law in Luke 19:8kjv. When you set a slaves free according to Dueteronomy 15:12 they should get compensation. We are not yet free.

  5. Something smell fishy right here jamaica is not the only colony in the carribean, I think all the English speaking Islands in the carribean. Therefore we should pay much attention to this my people don't fall for what you don't see .

  6. I listened to this on the perfect day. The owners of the company I work for keep getting out of hand and being disrespectful. I warned them that I’m not going to put up with it. I’ve already started looking for another job. I know my worth. If the can’t see that then they’re blind.

  7. Greetings we don't want reparation let them tell us what is our true identity before trans Atlantic slavery on Tv that is what they're hiding from us 👍👍

  8. Great podcast bro, yet more proof that come judgment hell’s gonna be full to the brim. They don’t even feel any remorse for the past thats why tmh ain’t going to be giving out no bly to these people so let them go along, their times coming for sure, hehehe , can’t wait.

  9. They will pay up, maybe not the Queen but Charles will, as well as the Catholic church. What i tell the Jamaicans is they are ancient English Irish Welsh Scots, when wars were faught the losing side got expelled to Jamaica.
    When Mary daughter of Henry 8th, changed the country back to catholic she hunted down the Jacobites and they fled into the America's, she hated her dad. Henry had brought out Protestants to save his people from having the children baptised into iesus christ name. It had nothing to do with a divorce, he could have easily got rid of his wife.
    I also watch an Israelite called Kurimeo Ahau he has researched and is still bringing new data out, it was not caucasians who fled to America it was Israelites trying not to go in the 400 year curse of Deuteronomy 28. I also follow another Israelite and both their information links up with what i have researched. Royals will pay as they have stolen the throne and the country. A link if you have not heard of Kurimeo.  https://youtu.be/IsMPTDmBYVg

  10. Give back the land ownership to the originals Peoples… Exterminate central bank… Send back the HINDUSTANS scattered all over the CARRIBEAN that were sent as slaves… watdadeuce2@gmail.com... We are claiming the claim in Right let us act together in the court of ARBITRATION… CONTRACTS….Thanks brother for the facts through MANIPULATION OF LIES EQUALS FRAUD ON ALL ACCOUNTING AFFAIRS…

  11. Slaves Trade = Indentured SERVITUDE control of the MIND BY INFLUENCE… FACTS weight and counter measures says the capacity of the slave trade was invasion by trans migration…. We must blame our peoples Stupidity for allowing this cuRSE TO LAst so long….

  12. I hope the rest follow suit. Trillions of $/£ in free labour, on going generational trauma. Yahuah will bring justice. I know what you mean, but 'mistreated' doesnt seem a strong enough word. The words sadistic, sick evil and barbaric come to mind.

  13. During slavery, the King's and Queens were in direct control of the slave trade with their governments unanimously supporting them, and therefore is responsible for their actions and must now give restoration in the form of compensation in; land, property, businesses and financially.

  14. The queen can start by removing herself as head of state of Jamaica.
    All large industries in Jamaica owned by British persons , bauxite, cement, shipping, should be turned over to the government of Ja.
    Black people in Jamaica and the rest of the Americas need to stop marrying whites, Indians, Chinese nations. We are the Israelites of the Bible and god made it law not to marry other nations outside of the twelve tribes of Israelites.

  15. I really don’t understand why money will make a difference since there’s no biblical scripture telling us that some kind of recompense will be brought in to pay for slavery, although we know the wealth transfer to his people will come it’s not clear if it will be in the end or in eternity ???

  16. APTTMH. she needs to open up that money vault to the descendants in the US also. In 1619 the US was a British colony. So she owes us and the u.s. government owe us because in 1776 they continued slavery.

  17. Isaiah 14:20;
    Thou shalt not be joined with them in burial, because thou hast destroyed thy land, and slain thy people: the seed of evildoers shall never be renowned.

    Our people will be recompensed from THE MOST HIGH and the KINSMAN REEDEMER. The blood cries out to THE MOST HIGH and HIS SON for the atroticities committed by these colonizers that played an integral role of the Transatlantic and Islamic World War, Inquisition, Black Holocaust and many more abhorring acts. Are we not seeing the repercussions of what is happening? Judgment is everywhere on the lands worldwide because of the wickedness being permeated throughout. Jamaica which means The Land Of The Sun are the PEOPLE OF THE BOOK just as the rest of the Carribean islands as well being scattered all across the different regions of this Earth.


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