Gary Neville issued a second passionate attack on the political leaders of the country for fuelling the racial undertone that is casting a dark shadow over Premier League football, following Antonio Rudiger’s allegation that he was subjected to racist chants
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Sound speech, that cannot be condemned; that he that is of the contrary part may be ashamed, having no evil thing to say of you. Titus 2:8

Let your speech be alway with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man. Col 4:6

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  1. We need one big STORM from Almighty God to remind us and put us in our place! To remind us that we are but frail mortals who came from dust…. Who will return to dust…. and face our MAKER sooner than later.

  2. Almighty Yah, please keep me on the path of righteousness so I do not burn in damnation with these heathens.

    The heathens feeling of superiority above Yah's chosen people will be a barrier to their salvation.

  3. He is right.it is racist to the bone. He was born in a mansion.he earned if he has one through black culture. Being blind to it backs up what is saying. Give you and example lots of knife crime. So they deciced to advertise to black youth on the back of chicken take away box. Thats the goverment thoughts on black youth. And when he says 100%,it dont mean every single person. Its the policy of the country be it open or covert is 100% racist as in the powers that be.

  4. Did Eric Clapton say the ? That sob he wouldn’t have a dime if he didn’t have black music to rip off… when did he say that. Pos oh I am hot just bought one of his albums in the bargain bin…

  5. Tbh, I'm learning more that racist ideolology is not instigated by the average Joe. They are drafted by the Eurocentric elites to serve their political/economic interests which trigger non-whites and makes average whites recoil to the code and enforce the miseducation.

    In short,
    If you produce and combine the ingredients for a cake in a mixing bowl by following a well known recipe (gentrification, poverty, austerity, drugs, miseducation, police brutality, inequality, misrepresentation, urbanisation etc

    Don't be surprised when you get a cake 🎂

  6. In Germany, a county judge didn’t classified the word neger as an insult. A political member of the racist party AFD got his right, after shouting that word several times in the parliament. It is not better here

  7. Its all about Conditioning of the Mind. If youre raised in an Environment where you have become Exposed to a certain Mind-set until you are shown another Way thats how youre going to Think. Its Rooted. Racism is Psychological. Its neither Good or Evil but its all about your Reaction to others who Look Different even though you may Think the same. You may have the same Goals. Racism is a Mental Issue caused by Social Engineering which began in Slavery. Through Segregation and Desegregation and to NOW. Being that Yahuah is a Dark Man and Satan was the Master of Music and Now the God of this World we can only Assume that this Entity looks like us and Orchestrated ALL of this Mess when he was tossed out of Heaven. Food for Thought

  8. Neville is correct Fergie did his best to keep our players away from certain clubs, different era as Ashley Young said. Stormsy did say today his words had been twisted by the media this morning. i would love our players to walk off on boxing day as it is going to happen again.

  9. A reminder to Yahs children, keep the laws,commandments and statutes of the Most High Yah or you will end up in the hands of a beast like nation full of moral less sadistic ungodly pedophiles, futher more, Gentile Heathen Nations don't hate us because we are black skinned, they hate us for being the children of the Most High! The children of light!

  10. Stormzy is right. Its a racist a country because the majority of the people are racists. Its not rocket science, just basic facts. They tell us to stop going on about racism, how about they stop being racist to start with?

  11. What Stormzy is saying is nothing new and before all this why Stormzy never came out and said nothing before when it's the "So call white people" that has made him rich, but all of a sudden since Boris Johnson won the election he now wants to come out and say Britain is 100% Racist, like we never knew this? 🤔 And if Stormzy is trying to get publicity from his statement he's definitely going about it the right way and I wonder who's his record label is???

  12. Gerald Francis, Trump, farage, Johnston, have given these people licence to be racist, especially the old. If you áre black just go into an old people's home they will tell you exactly how they feel about you. Melanated people have been going through this from day one yet we are still standing we are strong.💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿✊🏿.


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