🇬🇧Cornwall School Tells 11 yr old pupil “HE NEEDS to think about how HE REACTS to RACIAL ABUSE”

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Comment (27)

  1. I have to disagree with you. I know the 70, 80, 90, 100 year olds know they are saying and doing racist things. They were around and witnessed first hand our fight throughout the years for equality. What it is, they are using their age as a pass because they know most people especially people of color give elders respect. When they are that old, they are who they are and don't care how anyone feels. They feels they have lived the right to say and do anything they choose.

  2. What everyone don't realize is that black people are the original people and and every race come from them if everyone did a DNA they would find that they have African ancestors running in their blood so it doesn't matter what they are called the Most High created them and every race came through them because Christ also is a black man in the word of God says we will be called names in hated but it is a shame that ignorant people pick on children or innocent people. But they will have the last say at the end when Christ's return and I don't understand that white people everywhere do not realize that they are the one that are foreigners Indians was here in America first which they took England also was taken by whites they appear to be so brainwashed and prideful very prideful the kind of Pride that the most high said he will take down because he hate this looking down on others like you are superior not so

  3. I live quite close to Charles Darwin school and I will never send my kids there, knowing what he stood for. I know many mixed and black parents send their kids there because of 'convenience' despite knowing his stance..

  4. Gerald Francis, What I do not understand, These people are meant to be intelligent especially your middle to upper classes in Britain and they know nothing about us, Its like listening to rigsby in rising damp, it's amazing!!!!!!

  5. I was born in wexham. I lived in slough untill I was 13. I came to Florida and now I am 44 yrs old. I see it here and when I came home i saw it more than ever. I was about 30 and when i came home people treated me like i wasn't born there. I have more to say but to much to write. Lol

  6. TMH YAH is turning up the heat 🔥🔥 a lot more of these racism will manifest that's why TMH ordained for us to stay within our own race and not mix. He will return to set things back in order and the bible say that every man will go back to their own land!

    Shalawam!! ✊🏽

  7. He needs to rethink about how he reacts to racism? How about these Low life animals need to rethink about putting their filth and hate out into the world in the first place and stop being ugly beasts

  8. Shalom, family. Bless all of our babies, and people. I pray our Elohim, keeps us spiritually, and physically, and mentally. Halleluyah😞🙌🙌🙌

  9. Imagine if it is a black kid who carry a gun and shoots up the teacher and any other racist students. I believe this dehumanizations of our black kids will stop immediately.

  10. I agree with most of what you are saying but Trump and Tommy Robinson have nothing to do with the fact that racism is increasing. It has something to do with countries having to deal with an influx of illegal immigration that is forcing many whites and blacks to live amongst people of different cultural backgrounds/faiths.

  11. Sadly, the heat will turn up on Jacob, not decrease.. I believe we may be in the beginning stages of Jacob's Trouble. Here in the US, racial incidents are increasing as the UK. White kids feel very comfortable using the N word around Blk kids and our children aren't checking them either!

    I told my 15 yr old son, back in my day, yes I had to hit him with that phrase 😉, the 80s, white kids didn't dare fix their lips to say one cross word to us! Now the fear is gone and they feel emboldened.. My mouth was/is too slick for this generation and I may have been a hashtag if I was a 15 yr old today..I constantly have to stay in prayer.. 😞

  12. Some of the deragotary terms used : are written by self acclaimed so called scientific minded British writers- "seemingly, because the words are printed n books- they repeatedly use them – perfect example of book smart vs critical thinkers.

  13. This reminds me of a time when I was at a dollar store. An elderly white woman left her purse on a cart. I returned it to her (by pushing the cart and not touching the purse 🤣). Then she thanked me and said something like "you're the second black woman to be honest, can you believe that? " Man! I snatched that purse from her, slammed it into the cart and shoved the cart down the aisle! Well, that's how it played out in my head, anyway. I was taken aback and just shook my head and walked out.

  14. The Most High is waking His people up from our 400+ year slumber around the World including colonized England. Have your way in your dealing with these devils Most High Yah!

  15. This is going to piss a lot of people off BUT I'm used to it at this point AND telling the truth tends to do that too. SO HERE GOES. . BROTHERS! This type of brazen behavior from racists is partially OUR FAULT! I say this because we as a group of forward thinking and highly capable black men HAVE FAILED TIME AND TIME AGAIN to collectively implement the types of consequences that these types of people REALLY respect or fear. The day that racist people like this KNOWS unequivocally THAT any threatening actions or verbiage, if we see fit, and upon our discretion, WILL NOT BE TOLERATED and that it will be met with tactically sound, precise, irreversible, unapologetic and non-negotiable CONSEQUENCES and such consequences will be perpetuated AT ANY TIME that we as black men so much as feels that any one of us, our loved ones, our way of life, our families and friends are EVER threatened or put in danger unjustly. THIS will be the day that this BULLSHIT ENDS!


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