🇬🇧UK Worcestershire Police Handcuff 14-Year-Old Church Volunteer Because He ‘Looked Suspicious’

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A police force has become embroiled in a race row after officers handcuffed a teenage church volunteer because he looked “suspicious”.Vanylson Silva, 14, had cycled to St Paul’s Church, in Worcester where he helps out on a weekly basis before and after Sunday services. As he entered the building, officers who had been following him, grabbed his arm and handcuffed him.

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  1. Bro, I remember that piece of yellow paper. I come from London was studying in Birmingham needed work. Coming home from Oldbury to Smethwick went to the pub. Time to go home and I'm wearing dirty clothes big rass work boots carrying a hard hat. Guess what? I look suspicious 😂😂😂 pure fuckeries!! This was 1998/99.🇯🇲🇬🇧🙏🏽❤️

  2. That baby does not belong in that sun worship pagan temple! Please, get him out of there now! The heathens portion is not our portion! We are the children of the MOST HIGH POWER, HE is our portion, and we belong to HIM! We have to repent and turn back to HIM and HIM ALONE!

  3. What would you expect a young boy to be doing in a church on Sun…? Well, if it was Dylan Roof & a black church, I'd expect him to be shooting up everybody right after prayer; later picked up by Officers and taken to his favorite hamburger joint. They probably thought this kid was there to rob the offering box/baskets.

  4. Black men have no peace from these police officers no matter where they are. They just want to lock up every black man and get black women frustrated.

  5. What if I told you that these people are the battle axe for the Most High used to punish us and that we are to respond to then with meekness and fear and just be quiet and call on Him? The Most High doesn't want us fighting back but taking the punishment because they are not allowed to do anything Yahawah has not ordained. We are serving Yah by serving them with meekness and fear honestly and many times we're given the lesson that it's best to not even say a mumbling word. When it comes to the things our oppressors do to us, we ought to respond like Yahawashi, knowing that this is an act of the Lord meant to refine us and letting it. It seems that living under and serving our captors is the fire that the Most High is putting us through to burn out the impurities like anger, hatred, foolishness and fear, etc.

  6. Excellent video. Please put this in two or more parts. It's too much for only one video. Thank you for your expert work at revealing the truth and I pray you redo this video so all can have time to focus on each point. We need time to digest every bit of your great work. God bless.

  7. "Whose possessors slay them and hold themselves NOT guilty.~Zechariah 11:5" Brothers and Sisters, we are living in the time of prophecy. "YAHUAH will bring a nation from afar, from the ends of the earth, to swoop down upon you like an eagle—a nation whose language you will not understand, a ruthless nation with no respect for the old and no pity for the young.~Deuteronomy 28:50"

  8. Sad😢.. is so crazy that they would actually go into a Church 👓and then say this young Hebrew boy looks suspicious I'm thinking they look suspicious 😂like what are they doing in there ..‼️but is shows me that he has to be part of the tribes because the curses seems 2 follow us..it's crazy they make you feel a certain type of way that feeling that only the heathen can give me because it's just so sad they go out there way to try to make our day worser than it already is .. 2 have 2 b around people.. that u could care less about ..but we have to deal with there rhetoric..but I say it has 2 b a special place n hell with their name on it.. because if since was common we would all have it.. & with all the pedifiles.. and..rapist robbers and murderers..and the real drug dealers.. this is what they decided to do .. like so sad☂️🌂🕛⏰

  9. Bro you're not going to have to worry about your son being stopped The Most High is about to bring JUDGEMENT!
    Talk about a paradigm shift… It's on it's way!


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