🇬🇧Who shot BLACK JESUS Nailsworth Church, England painting ‘shot’ with air rifle

A portrait of The Last Supper which depicts Jesus as a black man has been shot with an air-rifle while hanging on the wall of a England, Gloucstershire, Nailsworth

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  1. They didn't except the picture of Yahusua Hamasiach aka "Jesus Christ" as a black Messiah!!! Very sad indeed and a true "White Supremacy still exist in Britain 🇬🇧 today! Great Video Ahch! APTTMH YAH…..

    Shalawam! ✊🏽

  2. Not surprising. A few years ago a white dude entered a church in Charleston, South Carolina and shot 9 Black people dead. This is yet another example of the perpetual hatred they have for us that the bible warns us about.

  3. Descendants of the same money changers ie Pharisees that lynched Yesu Christo are the modern day white supremacist so-called Christians!
    As if to say
    …you can worship Yehuah all you want as a black man, but never imagine him in your black image bcoz, we’ve now white-washed all black biblical characters into our white supremacy image thus, even as Christians you’re not deemed an equal but still a slave…

  4. Remember, Dave Chappell said that when Jesus come back and the ignorant realize he is Black, they gon be like " Earl! Go get my shotgun!" Just like in the days of Noah, Nimrod tries to breach heaven. So today, these heathens think they will actually to be able to war with Yah

  5. Not surprising. The cognitive dissonance is real. These will be the same people who will try and FIGHT Him when he crack open the skies for His people. When they are completely broken, yet there still will be some who will be cursing Him.

  6. This brings a thought to mind and explains why the other nations we be hurt when he reappears. He face will scare them and many of the other nations will be angry that they have prayed to him; however, our Father has never listened or heard their prayers because they received their blessing first.

  7. Euroes have travelled around the globe over the centuries stripping millions of their cultural identity and shoving Eurocentric faiths down people's collective throats. Now this!

  8. I don't think this should be shocking to our people because we know how white people feel about us, but on another note, we are not supposed to make any graven images. I know we didn't make this and the image may be closer to the truth but it still isn't the Messiah, Himself, being depicted in the painting.


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