She fought alongside Louis Delgrès mulatto leader of the movement in GUADELOUPE resisting reoccupation by Napoleonic France in 1802.

It seems that she was the fruit of a forced union that took place on a slave ship, between a French sailor and her African woman being taken to the Americas. This forced conception, brief and violent, on some ship rolling in the middle of the ocean, is in many ways a perfect picture of the fate of Solitude, the mulatto girl.

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  1. I M waiting for a lot. I come from French west Indies near Guadeloupe, on Martinique. There si some places who names Lumina Sophie, IT s her true name . Places like school etc…

  2. Please, mate, get your title in shape. GUADELOUPE would be nice and Louis Delgrès with no "a" at the end would also look good. Being from there I am looking forward watching your documentary.

  3. Our young sisters , & brothers for that matter, so many need to know this. Glad i do now. May The Most High keep you and your family under his love and protection.

  4. Thank you thank you for this !! Great content. Nice to see you taking interest in Guadeloupe history. 😊 Sometimes even guadeloupeans need to get reminded of their great heroes !

    Just so that you know in French we pronouce Delgrès more like
    "delgr S" (or a bit like "delgrace" without the y sound after the a, if you will), the s is not silent😊.

    And the town of les Abymes like les " abeam", the s is silent
    I know .. french ..🙄😊

    But nice video anyway, keep them coming !!!

  5. WHAT IN THE WORLD! The atrocities just keep blowing my mind!!! You wait for a mother to give birth, take her baby, then kill her the next morning!! MERCY! Come Lord!

  6. Hi look on the Guadeloupe news , they tried too kill us with poison on the water and the earth with chloredecone during 70 years + The earth is poisoned for 700 years, 92% of the population are poisoned in Martinique 95% of the people in Guadeloupe are poisoned.. The cancer rate is higher on Guadeloupe than any country! Our hospital burn just before their mf notre dame church and nobody help our island.. We are like isolate/ inexistant for the rest of the world 😤😞 they now here just for the beach, the river, the rum and steal our land heir f*** tourism… they tore us from motherland and now also steal our islands.

  7. I am not agree with this history page because I'm from GUADELOUPE this history wasn't enough clear, we knew that she was born probably in GUADELOUPE or a plantations somewhere, what it is false about that lady, she was a rabbits salewoman on BASSE-TERRE national market, so one of her got out from her cage she took a nife and stabbing the animal to death by showing also the same time White settlers families relatives this is what's going to happen to them. So a Rose Marthe Toto born in Ste Lucia came in this Country with her boyfriend named Delgrès, so she knew how to shoot with a rifle taught by the English already how to défend herself with gun fire… So this is her who was pregnant to fight for liberty or freedom because GUADELOUPE french Caribbean was already a land free from slavery in 1794,1802 this Napoleon Empire that made it again possible to go back on slavery until 1848, GUADELOUPE became free from slavery april 27th 1848.

  8. A’heil’aam beloved Cherubs! Thank you from the depths of my heart for posting this Illustrious Moorish heroine! ( I sent this video to my Cherubs/Children so that my Grand Cherubs can see another part of our Moorish history here in the Americas! I am literally shedding tears for my strong Moorish ancestors who fought for our freedom! Sister Solitude is added to my list of Strong Powerful Moabitess. Ida B Wells, Harriet Tubman and Queen Hatshepsut.) Our people must never forget our struggle! My Father, His Grace and the Amire, Taj T. Bey and myself have been teaching our people for over 30 years our Moorish history in the Americas, Canada, Central , South America and adjoining islands! This is our home, this is our land!
    Continue the work your doing to inform this new generation of unconscious Asiatics.
    Peace and Blessings to you all from the Magi Hypnotist, Pat:. Dr. Hannibal Bey, in the East.❤️🇲🇦🇺🇸✡️🙏🏿

  9. Guadeloupe " Gwadloup in creole" has always been a strong maroon island. Thank you for your documentary. It was also a group of maroon from Guadeloupe who alerted our Haitian brothers that napoleon was about to attack.


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