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Once upon a time, even the wild story of a 12-year-old American Revolutionary drummer boy becoming King of Haiti couldn’t interest Americans because he – along with his fellow soldiers – was black.

As with America in Vietnam, the British Army dominated militarily during the Revolution—until it lost. And like Vietnam, a local fight for independence from colonial rule became a global war.

In 1778, the British surprised American troops in Savannah and captured the city. Georgia was important enough strategically that French forces joined with their American allies to try liberating Savannah. On September 23, 1779, Admiral Charles-Hector Theodat d’Estaing, fresh from failing to dislodge the British from Newport, Rhode Island, demanded Savannah surrender. Four thousand French troops from the West Indies on 37 ships backed up his demand. Foolishly but nobly, he gave the British 24 hours to consider. The British fortified the ramparts and deployed reinforcements.

Among D’Estaing’s men were gens de couleur, French for people of color. On March 12, 1779, Laurent Francois Le Noir de Rouvray had organized ten companies of 79 light infantry soldiers apiece, divided into two battalions, consisting mostly of, free Haitians of African descent. Some slaves who would earn their freedom through service joined too.

This black marquis, born in the French-controlled island of Saint-Dominigue, fought his way up to becoming a Colonel during the Seven Years War in Canada. He knew that most blacks sided with the British against the American slaveholders.

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  1. Loving this one thanks for sharing very important information giving thanks blessed love to all knowledge is power hopefully everyone pays attention keep up the good work

  2. Our true name is Ayiti from the Hebrew word Ayite. Most of our ancestors were captured from Benin from the Hebrew word Beninu. See the connections. Benin/Togo is what you see in that kingdom of Judah map. Again, see the connections. Haiti is what the west refers to it and has stuck. We used to be the butt of jokes now everybody wants to know us.

  3. Henry was underated as a tactical strategist while dessallines and toussaint are always lauded for their military genius, the way Christophe got Petion was legendary

  4. Ellen holly from tv soap one life to live had spoken to a gossip mAh that she is typing a script about the life story of king Christophe of Haiti as his massive power to over rule the island as he is governed just to prove to his point that you can serve the liability for your people, but dont do any disorderliness that can hurt your people. I served myself right. I want to direct the entire film just to show how black royal empire can reach further to break all color codes and I thanked king Christophe. always.

  5. Petion was a snake, a sneaky bastard who cowardly killed Dessalines by poisoning him and then set an ambush of the emperor assassination. Christophe should have finished the job.


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