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Are these people really aggressive or just protective (sentinels) protecting their border, from invaders. I mean, Donald Trump is building a wall to keep native American’s (i.e mexican’s) out of their own land. Why, therefore is it portrayed as hostile for this indigenous tribe to be apprehensive and do the same?

The Sentinelese are the most isolated tribe in the world, and have captured the imagination of millions. They live on their own small forested island called North Sentinel, which is approximately the size of Manhattan.

The Sentinelese, also known as the Sentineli and the North Sentinel Islanders, are an indigenous people who inhabit North Sentinel Island in the Bay of Bengal in India. They are considered one of the world’s last uncontacted peoples.

North Sentinel Island is one of the Andaman Islands, an archipelago in the Bay of Bengal which also includes South Sentinel Island. It is home to the Sentinelese, a tribe who have rejected, often violently, any contact with the outside world…BUT WHY let’s find out.

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  1. I've always said if you are ever shipwrecked anywhere in the world and you see smoke arising from the forest the people who come to meet you will be Black people! Proving that the original man IS the melanated/Black man !

  2. Good grief they always bring a pig🙄. Apparently the tribe is very self sufficient. Are they known to trade w neighboring tribes? ( I wish encoachers would respectfully leave the Amazon tribes alone too!!! ) What follows all this contention n gross curiousity is more unwanted encroachments that historically until present does not end well!

  3. They are trying to fill these peoples minds with viruses and destroy their ecosystem and economy.

    They are a fishing tribe and the indian people over fish causing them to have less fish to eat this is why they are not happy as well as them having to deal with the water pollution which is deadly to them.

    People need to have respect for life and the environment.

  4. My husband and I have been saying for so long that vaccinated people are the ones who are spreading diseases to non vaccinated people. Theses people prove that we do not need evil vaccines, we are born perfect and disease free until we come.e in contact with those who have been poisoned by vaccines. Vaccines are a lie and a way of population control.

  5. Most dangerous Island!!! don't think so….they are being left alone because there's nothing there that anybody wants………all it takes is a few men with modern weapons and!!!…..no more dangerous islanders….unfortunately that's the reality of the world we live in today.

  6. The andaman islanders are all ydna haplogroup D which is the brother of haplogroup E they also migrated to Japan where they intermixed with a neanderthal strain and became the Ainu people the indigenous people of Japan.

  7. People, white people, are constantly involving themselves in the affairs of other people as if they have a "God" given right to do so. And if you have something to say about it they just grab a Bible and say it was sanctioned by Jesus. You can see by this that the Christian Apple hasn't fallen very far from it's Catholic tree.

  8. Apparently a yte man once managed to befriend them, took a few of them off the Island for some medical "treatment". Most of them died as a result and the survivors were taken back to th Island. It was from then that they became hos tile to outsiders.

  9. I worry about these ppl Why no one has recently checked on them Because America is trying to kill us here Don't you think he America going to let those people live .there probly dead

  10. I too believe they should be left alone, but i wonder if dark skinned people went would they act the same or differently? How do they decide who they will kill and who the will greet?

  11. He wasn’t a “missionary”. That narrative was pushed to garner sympathy for his selfish and intrusive behavior. He was travel blogger who should’ve left these people alone. They were bothering NO ONE.

  12. +Wanda Foxx 🦊 : That's not scriptures. SCRIPTURES prophesied that The Most High Yahuah warned his Chosen people The Ancient Children of Yisrael if they didn't obey his Covenant Laws, Statutes and Commandments that they would be hated by "ALL NATIONS" meaning that ALL THE GENTILE NATIONS would HATE his Chosen people. So it is working out just as it was prophesied in Holy Hebrew Bible. Shalom.

  13. Why do we feel that we Know what's best for everyone?! What is so CIVILIZED about our culture that it should be forced upon anyone! I pray the world Leaves these people alone…

  14. They have to leave them alone,they want to enjoy the little peace that they have,if they have mingle with people,they will be greeted with bad racist words,discrimination and hostility.They live in thick jungles but they are strong,fast and have a beautiful set of white teeth,they don’t go to any hospitals,yet they are free from diseases.

  15. Ok is it me. But I know I heard the narrator say. "Christopher Columbus" narrated their way. But for some reason didn't stop. Hmmm. Can't take over that land an call it what you want. And I'm sorry it sound like they were also trying to be pulled into slavery. Hmmm. Also, how are these people populating. Isn't that incest? I get the purpose of protecting your territory, but as I watch this something don't set right with me. ( Just my opinion). I could be wrong.

  16. The evil devil words are smooth as butter but war and lies are in their hearts…… I pray for these beautiful people never never ever Welcome the devils on their land because if they do it be the devil next Vacation spot…..


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