🇮🇹 Two Nuns Return From African “Missionary” Trip Pregnant

Two nuns are being investigated by the Catholic Church after they became pregnant during missionary trips to Africa.

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  1. They are human beings like us anyone can fall today is their day tomorrow your daughter wife or me only God knows tomorrow thou shall not judge. l am a protestant but our pastors they don't show good example let's not talk about Catholic Church but even f in our protestant churches we face problems but no one talks.

  2. Which God do this Church serve,that sinners should be burnt alive.On earth no one is perfect,are nuns not humans?,,we r in the world dominated by Satan that is why Jesus came in for redemption by forgiving us our sins.

  3. Jesus Christ was a black man I can give you reason
    1In Africa a man pay the money or something to the bride family for the hand in married,we called it lobola, Jacob before married Lea and Rachel he work for Laban his uncle for sixteen years read Genesis David before he Michael the doughter of Saul he paid him by killing his rival enemy Philistines.The so called Jews that live in Israel in this present they don't know nothing about paying the bride parents or work for them to asked them their doughter for married if they are real Jews the supposed to practice that culture
    2When Herod want to kill Jesus,the instructed to run to Egypt in Africa not Europe,if Jesus was white his parents supposed to run to Europe to their whites peoples not Africa to black people s


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