🇲🇽FREAK HAIL STORM!! Strikes Mexican City of Guadalajara JULY 1ST 2019

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A freak hail storm has struck Guadalajara, one of Mexico’s most populous cities, burying vehicles in a deluge of ice pellets up to two metres deep. “I’ve never seen such scenes in Guadalajara,” said the state governor, Enrique Alfaro.

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Comment (33)

  1. They are gonna learn that they have NO power against Abba Father (The Elohim of Israel). Let's see them along with Babylon fight these storms, with their weapons of mass destruction, from our omniscient only TRUE YAH.

  2. Wow! while Mexico is having hail storm weather TMH YAH is burning up the Europeans country like France with HEATWAVE 🌞 and wild fires 🔥🔥 in Spain… HallauYah APTTMH…

    Shalawam Yisrael.. ✊🏽

  3. 3times seeing your video, I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT! I HAVER NEVERseen it HAIL LIKE THAT…ALL PRAISES TO TMH!!!
    @ThoughtsCameraAction Thank you

  4. The king of kegs is God Is Not Your hoosha hamashiach he only came 2 shed blood for our sins he's a man he's not a god you might want to pay attention to what you're saying and what you're researching because we are to follow God the most high not his son yahushua hamashiach y'all should have came to fulfill the law which God set forth shalom

  5. I had a dream about 10 days ago. Where I saw a large hand only a hand. There was no face nothing but a large hand holding a watch it looked like a railroad watch. I saw only the back of the watch it had symbols but the only one I could clearly see was the symbol was the sun. Underneath the sun was writing in foreign lettering. I post this dream on enough Hebrew Brother video for him to interpret the dream for me. The Brother told me the same thing Israelite need to get ready.

  6. How come Afrika/Kermit is not mentioned, after all these people where Black People and the bible and all the other books, paintings, statues, megalith, five thousand and older portrays Black People, why is this lie continues to this day how are you going to meet GOD if you continue with these lies.

  7. Abba is truly returning vengeance to these heathens at such an exponential rate, can't even say I feel for them.
    Thank Abba for my genetic makeup and His promises. I will patiently wait and see the reward of the wicked for their attrocities against His chosen.

  8. This is happening there because of how they are treating these Haitian and African refugees that came there and they are withholding food and medical care from them. And the camps say that Mexicans are Issachar, I don’t think so. Into the wilderness it is, so that we can worship TMH there in the wilderness just as I forefathers had to do. He who has ears let them hear what the spirit is saying.

  9. Mexico was conquered by Spain there still Israelites there we still here . They white washed the natives that were of color but the spirt bare witness. There all types of natural disasters happening all over the world. I'm an israelite I'm Mexican American. All PRAISE YAHAWAH bahasham YAHAWASHI.


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