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Sound speech, that cannot be condemned; that he that is of the contrary part may be ashamed, having no evil thing to say of you. Titus 2:8

Let your speech be alway with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man. Col 4:6

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  1. The ethnicity of Israel is a big political issue for them. Let’s say that this way. The shunamite woman in the songs of Solomon described herself a black. Shunamites are called after their village Shunem which is at the coast side. The village is of the tribe of Issachar. The black woman, the Shunamite, is an Israelite from the tribe of Issachar. Why didn’t she or her parents look “middle Eastern”?

    People will run away while the lies are exposed throughout the scripture!

  2. I am actually reading the book The Jewish Confederate now. I noticed that the author points out in the beginning of book that the Jews in the South “Migrated” there for various reasons(I.e. political,) around the 1600’s. They were not brought here by captivity.

  3. Prior to the suez the land was know as EAST AFRICA. These people r ridiculous. Yashyah was described as brass skintone like burned in fire….why do they insist on debating this. We are beyond this sort of back n forth with anyone at this point. We know the truth. All praises be to the most high

  4. They really see our skin as black like a crayon not brown, that's why we need to stop calling ourselves black. we should shake of any names they put on us.

  5. If they read Deuteronomy 28:68, James 5:1-11, Jer 31:31-37, James 1:1, Amos 9: 13-14, Ezekiel 36:24, 2 Esdras 1:33-37, Deut. 32:15-43. There are many more scripts that prove we are the descendants of the Ivri/Ibri (Hebrews). No other nation has been hated, dispersed into slavery, and on a regular basis a byword and a proverb over all other nations who would forget their heritage, per the bible and lost books, so- called. Thank you, once again, for your efforts in putting together this video. Those who have an ear to hear, will! Peace.

  6. This is why i stopped watching him. They need to research history. I pray God reveals this to the entire world. That it is unveiled that people really know the real truth.

    Sad even some white folk don't even realized they have been lied too. When they see Yahsuah they are going to be blown away.

  7. Good presentation. KJV Genius 13:1 Abraham went south of Egypt! Take the 'pepsi'challenge (for lack of a better phrase) and look outside the box of black jew/hebrew and consider that the holy land is subsarhan Africa, and that the plan was that once you awaken, obviously your drawn to what could be a faked israel/negev. They've (the nations/masons) lied to us sooo much that once you've clocked that you are a 'hebrew' you can get so thrilled that you don't seek beyond that, but there is much, much more. Check out 'black re-education tv' its on YouTube, pray for THM's guidance, and see if you still feel jew and hebrew is the right way to clarity who we are, once we are awaken we will get our inheritance! cos the last 400+years been rough.

  8. The revised bibles were tampered with in many ways, everywhere it said Hebrew Israelite, was changed to Jew, Jesus was not a Jew actually the term Jew is not a correct understanding of nationality but Hebrew Israelites term is

  9. Could you suggest some books I could search to further my studies. I'm trying to find books about not only our history but also my study of Yahoushua. It would be greatly appreciated.

  10. Yoo I know who he is. I remember he had share his vision dream about God abandon him on earth after the most high gone. That’s why I stopped listening to him but he still read the Bible for money that’s all he do

  11. Please can you do a breakdown of the offspring of Japhethites. I heard they were not Caucasians. Edom took their land and identity as he did ours [Israelites] and the Hamites❗❗Scriptures even point out that Edom would steal land, resources etc…

  12. Shabboth Shalom Zion,
    Its such a blessing to know and accept the Truth .
    I really don't care what these people say anymore. I use to watch that guy before I knew the Truth. I was strongly rebuked for listening to false prophets . I am grateful for him chastising me . Those of us who are awake We are still learning . Thank you brother because our people need to know and recognize the lies.

  13. Y Is representative of YHUH'S written Four consonant Nomenclature His Everlasting Living Name condensed by Its Corresponding living"Y" Print, Stamp declaring His incomparable Majestic Glory Story, YHUH Mercedes Benz has a distinct emblem, identifying descriptive sign signifying its products. The Serpent's Tongue is Likewise proof that Yahauah Exists "Life All" Without exception by the WAY, Pattern, structure inherent in ALL living things, Seek, acknowledge, Know By Evidence Self-Existence Glorifying, Praising ITSELF being Worthy Holy Fearful Reverend by His Self-Existence Condensed (Y) Symbol , Memorializing HIS Name Which Alone EXCELLENT IS.

  14. I was SDA for a moment. Prior? Jehovah’s Witness, Children of God and Episcopalian. What they taught me was to knock the dust off of my shoes and keep walking. When Yahshua said to the lame man…Yahshua saith unto him, Rise, take up thy bed, and walk. John 5:8; he didn’t say where…he just pointed out the choice to not stay where he was, as he was. I gain no movement battling a position where I realized I was lost being there. I am seeking those living in this wilderness journey moving forward while not, as Lot’s wife looking back.

  15. youtube needs to censor this guy he is all over the place with no proof of scripture.and leave my page alone 🤷🏾 how he get away with it…He said Jesus wasn't dark ..how he blend in Egypt then..

  16. They must protect the lies that Jesus is white, and the people of scripture are white, and everything white is right! As soon as people wake up and believe that we are the people, then they would also see, through our obedience, that they also must turn to the commandments of TMH. That serpent is going to try and prevent that at all costs. HE wants to be god
    If they can blot out our history, then that means our ancestors aren’t the true Yahudi and therefore there is no standard! For that matter there is no true Messiah, there’s only white Jesus.

  17. The artifacts of Egypt depicted their people as Colored bronze, the same description as in Revelation 1:14-16, these archaeologists just painted over those artifacts to whiten their skins, for the statues they simply cut the nose, the whole structure like the Sphinx of Giza is intact but the nose is chopped, now so-called black people of the modern day could be differentiated from other races by the look or structure and dimensions of their nose, if Yahshua had managed to hide in Egypt then what would his skin complexion really be if you think about it? This really saddens and angers me because my background is Congolese from Kinshasa, back home my family on my mother’s side who I am much closer with worship that deity of white Jesus, I’ve literally been fed with a lie my whole life, my whole entire life I combatted that lie, now that I try to tell my family members of who we could potentially truly be of they rebuke me and tell me that Yahshua loves all but I have not read the entirety of the Scriptures but I am sure Hamaschiach said he was sent for the lost sheep of Israel (I’m paraphrasing) not the World, my family and friends can’t grasp that but they go to Church, listen to these African pastors everyday but still rebuke what I tell them, it’s really frustrating, living in Canada makes it far more worse as almost everyone here has been endoctrinated by that lie, many churches that I pass in Toronto on my way to work are stating that they welcome, celebrate with what the Most High would consider an abomination other than the Hebrew Israelites here, it really sucks.

  18. I actually feel sorry for how these guys are so delusional. . . ANYWAY, no matter how much they try to imagine or wish Him to be white, HE'S STILL COMING BACK BLACK…💯

    We truly need black animators, artists, etc to make the "proper" images for the sake of our children… biblical cartoons with people of colour – a true depiction of our Messiah and biblical Hebrew Israelites so they don't grow up confused!

  19. This pastor needs help. Somebody please help him. He is not reading the correct Bible. Oh I think he don't want to know he is worshipping a black Savior. Please let him keep believing he is white because I don't want him to backslide.


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