Sound speech, that cannot be condemned; that he that is of the contrary part may be ashamed, having no evil thing to say of you. Titus 2:8

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  1. All 56 dislikes huh???🤔 either you are a so-called Oreo or a so-called white person smh… I love the truth and you can clearly see who really hates Christ.. now trip off that..wow man…

  2. I'm so glad to see someone finally check that clown , these gentiles are so arrogant in their vain delusional breakdowns. I always laugh when they say middle east 😂😂😂 where is middle north or how about middle west 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️😂😂😂

  3. Scripture says in Genesis 9:27 that Japheth will dwell in the tents of Shem, so everywhere you have those who are Japheth and pretending to be Japheth is where the land of Shem is and the world was originally “black” even by their own people. Also white skin is not received well to the sun as real black and brown skin is especially for people living in places like Egypt. HaMashiac was “black” not white or off white.

    This gives an idea of the world prior and pale is considered to be a Dun White which is a light brown color.

    In this definition you will notice that pale is what is usually meaning most often referred to as dark dun white or wan (light brown or ruddy brown)

    This is dun white and dark dun white.





  5. Your Documentary skills are growing video by video. The challenges you’ve faced with being blocked and banned have led you to grow wiser and more discerning. With impeccable discipline you have overcome these unscrupulous, attacks. Welldone my Brother. THROUGH ADVERSITY WE RISE!! APTTMH. 🙏🏾 more power to you and Thank you!!

  6. brutha! i post all of your vidz on facebook!
    just to get your messages that TMHY gives to you,to go throughout social media!
    SHALAWAM! ✊🏿😎
    by the way………
    can you make a vid to show how the mesoretic scribes changes Yahshua to Jesus?
    by taking away the vowels & the sh sound making the
    us masculine???
    appreciate it!

  7. There’s no argument here really…. just semantics

    – which studies the logical aspects of meaning, such as sense, reference, implication, and logical form, lexical semantics, which studies word meanings and word relations, and conceptual semantics, which studies the cognitive structure of meaning.

    The English letter j did not come into existence until the end of the Middle Ages, about 400 yrs ago when scribes began to use a tailed form of i, Wasn’t until 1524 when Gian Giorgio Trissino, an Italian (greek) Renaissance grammarian known as the father of the letter J, made a clear distinction between the two sounds. Not until the 17th century, was the distinction between J or j as a consonant and I or i as a vowel

    All That being said….The ancient greek rendering of the text wouldn’t read as Jesus it would be Iesous

    In Hebrew Iesous has NO meaning
    the word is Yeshua (ישוע) an alternative form of the word Yehoshua (יְהוֹשֻׁעַ⁠‎) or in English, Joshua.

    In Greek the same word is Iesous (Ἰησοῦς). In Latin the same word is Iesus, and from that comes the English spelling Jesus

    So who is this guy????

    The name Iseous comes from the adjective: "ίσος-isos" which meant righteous. The ancient Greek orator Iseos / Iseous (teacher of Demosthenes), is the best known historical person with that name.


    Who or what exactly have the Modern Christian ✝️ Churches been worshipping all this time????

    Knowledge of the Greek occupation of Judah, Jerusalem and the Hebrews is Vital “The forced Hellenization of the Hebrews” and how the Greeks attempted to contaminate the scriptures with their pagan gods!

    Once you crawl outta that rabbit 🐰 hole 🕳 —it becomes clear this “Jesus” the Greeks and the Romans worshipped the Greek god Zeus who is a representation of The Sun god who is The Devil as known by ancient cultures

    So the Greeks were Defaming
    the Hebrew Christ with a Pagan Name. Replacing his Hebrew name with a pagan deity

    This is very important, in the Bible by one name only shall you be saved.

    the Original King James Bible had the name Iesus. the name Jesus is a very modern name in terms of history, no name beginning with the letter "J" can be attributed to THE ALMIGHTY.

    So truly there’s no argument here
    Greeks then the Roman Catholic Church ⛪️ has used this white theology To indoctrinate the world into worshipping Zeus the fallen one!

  8. Jeremiah 16:19
    O LORD, my strength,
    and my fortress,
    and my refuge in the day of affliction,

    – the Gentiles (anyone NOT HEBREW)
    – SHALL come unto thee from the ends of the earth,
    – and shall say,
    – Surely our fathers
    – have inherited lies, vanity,
    – and things wherein there
    – is NO profit!

    Jesus = Iesou
    Iesous = Zeus (the pagan deity that represents Satan)

    Who you gonna call on when you pray????

    Jesus/Iesous = Zeus

    Will The Most High understand that you were deceived by your enemies into worshipping Satan?

    What about our ancestors who’ve been taught this lie and gave their wholehearted allegiance into this insanity! What will their eternal fate be?

    Certainly 500 yrs with Iesous
    But historically this goes back to the formation of the Catholic Church ⛪️

    modern Christianity in it’s teachings directs us completely away from the Old Testament – saying that the law has been done away with!

    For the Gentiles this means
    NOTHING nor does it carry the same spiritual consequences because Gentiles never made a blood covenant with the Most High.

    However! for the Hebrew Tribes….
    Dealing with the gods of the Gentiles is damnation and it keeps the Curse over our people activated.

    Yes! Even today we’re still dealing with the CURSE – read Deuteronomy, Exodus and Leviticus and pray for Wisdom and understanding

    Exodus 23:13
    And in all things that I have said unto you be circumspect:
    – and make NO mention
    – of the name of other gods,
    – neither let it be heard out of thy mouth.

    Joshua 23:7
    That ye come not among these nations,
    – these that remain among you;
    – neither make mention of the name of their gods,
    – nor cause to swear by them,
    – neither serve them,
    – nor bow yourselves unto them:

    No wonder we were indoctrinated into worshipping this catholic deity

    It secured our perpetual state of enslavement

    Insured their rule over us!

    Ask yourself why were we forced by the sword ⚔️ to convert and conform to accept this religion?

    Has this religion benefited us as a people on any continent it’s been practiced?

    Who’ve directly benefited from this religion?

    This is a mind boggling twister 🌪

  9. 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️. These people dont get it. First of all, the so called Jesus was not of african decent, I’ve actually never heard anyone say as much. These idiots error thing that only so called black people come from africa, which is utterly ridiculous. I watched a video the other day trying to rationalize why all pictures of so called Jesus has him with a beard. He never mentioned the obvious reason.

  10. Keep lying to yourself. Marian (Mary mother of Yashua) was Ethiopian. Yashua never set foot in modern day Israel. The Bethlehem, Jerusalem in modern day Israel are created plagiarized, rewritten African Stories. The True Israel is in Africa. The Jerusalem in ancient scripture is not where you think it is. This is in Africa. The Almighty is not crazy. He cannot call a desert wasteland the land of milk and honey. The true land of milk and honey is Africa. Where there is everything.

  11. Well maybe your Jesus is not a black man maybe that’s Satan son you talking about now he could look like blonde hair blue eyes but not Jesus in the Bible but hey it’s your salvation that much that you’re playing with


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