You might of heard “the Bible is a white man’s book”. But did you know the Quran and the Hadith ironically support and promote white complexion as supreme and the ideal and black or dark complexion as undesirable.

The term white in scripture means dazzling (bright) or recessive (leprosy).

Louis Farrakhan said,
“Mohammed was a white man” and highlighted his physical complexion should not matter.

Abdul Muttalib.” Volume 1, Book 3, Number 63.
compared his complexion in contrast to the dark-skinned Arabs.

Yes, the original Arabs were and are dark in complexion but are often relegated for the recessive. The Arab aristocracy also mixed with Edom. King Herod was of Ishmaelite and Edomite extraction.

After 70 AD The Arabs (Ishmael) and Esau (Rome) battled each other ​for the promises and glory of the holy land after the expulsion of Yahsharal due to their national sins and rejection of Messiah.

Both Nations, also took Yahsharal into captivity under Mohammedism and Catholicism.

This video will investigate quotes from the Hadith incl Quran and scholar fro that time and why this religion continues to attract so many negros (Yahudim) into it.

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Let your speech be alway with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man. Col 4:6

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  1. The Fallen State. He tells the story ova n ova that he 'grew up' on a plantation. He ain't tellin' you they was "massa". Jesse constantly downs black people and speaks of us like he isn't black (cuz he isn't). I've seen young white men make comments to him that he isn't white🤣 Ruddy ass. DC Young Fly interview…I CAN'T get enough of it! I done watched it three times!!!🤣

  2. Truth, that’s bound to make you feel 🥵 However, the truth shall mentally set you free! The more truth the more freedom🙏🏾. He was a damn slave owner! 😳

  3. J. Edgar was so damn hateful of the black blood that ran thru his veins he did all he could do demolish any sort of black empowerment movement. He couldn't stand the truth about having a black grandfather. Malcom X had a white grandfather( not by choice) and never hid it.

  4. The children of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob are waking up – it's unfortunate that 2/3 of us will perish because of our stupidity, arrogance and disobedience.. excellent vid..

  5. Now not only does the oppressors claim that the Holy Divine Son of God was white but also the prophet Muhammad was also White,. I'm having trouble believing it. The oppressors have to place themselves as the head of everything the black man does. Why is it that the White man never boast about his own magnificent history? All he does is place himself the head of anything magnificent that the black man does. Sounds like Satan sprewing deceitful lies all over the world.

  6. Although I know this my brother TCA, I always appreciate your delivery. The receipts speak for themselves; the deniers cannot bury their heads, we see the chameleons in charge of religiousity . They are one and the same (Dragons). Mighty blessings to you ALWAYS

  7. All praises to the Most High.. now I understand why the 2/3 gots to go… we have our heads so far up a white man behind that we forget who we are!!! We think we are all together one when all nations dislike us more than death…

  8. African Americans are his chosen people Facts! Deuteronomy 14:2
    The world saddens me deeply everyday! And knowing these persecuted peoples will be rewarded for their suffering on this Earth lightens my heart .


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