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“There are procedural and regulatory mechanisms that ought to be followed when establishing a medical facility in Uganda. Even so the law provides for licensing agencies and protocols for who should practice medicine in Uganda,” Beatrice Kayaga, an officer at the WPI, said in a press release. “It is unacceptable, narcissistic behavior, for anyone, black or white, rich or poor, missionary or angel to pass off as a ‘medical practitioner’ when they are not. By doing so, they mislead unsuspecting vulnerable members of the public.”
🇺🇸Missionary Renne Bach Sued for the Death Of 100 Ugandan Kids At “Medical Facility”

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  1. Africans need to stop trusting white missionaries and Christian organisations, based solely on their white skin tone. History shows their true nature and intentions.

  2. Salaam Shalom informative story. They have no mercy or sense of ethics where our family is concerned , mass murderers in lab coats. Truly wolves in sheep's clothing sophisticated wolves . Our people's sufferings must end . Salaam Shalom

  3. So this stankin dog was experimenting on children with a smile and they still think that the Oppressors are their yo help them. What do these gentile heathen animals have to do to show the African Nations that they are blood thirsty beasts that hate you!

  4. Her mission statement says "serving children" ??
    White elites would have them on a plate as food.
    Money can't replace a child, but taking hers away will shut down her brutal experiments. Father YAH, we cry out to you for mercy over our children. Father spare them. Protect them from these horrible entrapments

  5. Can you go to England and do that?Africa needs to wake up big enough is enough omg wake up. Why do we let whites doing this to us.They don't like us they want to kill us full stop just open eye don't give in easy and cheap.

  6. Come on sheep. Wake up, these people see the red flags! Have years of deadly vaccines and genocide taught us nothing? They want Africa, not her people!

  7. And if it was a blackman or woman killing Caucasian children at a rate like that, they would be on the CIA and FBI wanted list and splattered all over the media with a "HATRED" and this demon is proud with a smile on her face! 🤬

  8. I would be careful on who you judge or blame. Remember that she is being indicted by the US government: a very powerful organization that is responsible for creating and spreading diseases in Africa, profiting off of human capital, and infiltrating African government power structure. How many babies have died in the “official” hospital that she had taken them from? Who owns that hospital? Why all the sudden does American Government care about the protecting Africans from Americans?

  9. We still in the rapture;
    1. The act of seizing and carrying off as prey or plunder 
    2. The act of carrying, or fact of being carried, onwards; force of movement 
    3. a. The act of carrying off a woman. 
    b. Rape 
    4. b. the Rapture (of the Church, of the Saints): the taking up of believers to heaven at the Second Coming of Christ, according to some Millenarian teaching.,

    that part of the tribulation doesn't seem to have a time limit

  10. You didn't go in to too much detail, probably because the case is ongoing and it hasn't been established that she killed some , I think the number was like 500 kids or so……

  11. Yahuah judge this woman and all those who follow her ways! And while you do it let them remember every child that died in her watch! These HaSatans are not coming to Africa to help but to further the devastation! Put up a standard against them Yahuah! Send the destroyer through their lands and end their wickedness ! Come now Abba Yah!

  12. The WHOLE Africa and the far East is the promised Land. The land of the Hams and it's children which included Egypt "EMPIRE" (some as tributaries). Notice that in all the old testament books it says that there is "STILL LAND TO POSESS"! Not just that tiny little piece of overcrowded land but a VAST LAND that is FRUITFUL. They continued getting land. Too many obvious signs. Jubilee's tells it in chapter 8 and 9. Even the Chaldeas are the infamous (Chadic) area. Old map shows Babili in modern Ethiopia and Eritrea. Then Babili "territory" in the Saharas and OUT of Africa (like Americas and the East). This is why Christopher Columbus called some "Indians" because of The formerrulers and the lands they took over at some point. There's also proof of uncountable Israelites in the Americas LONG before the Transatlantic slave trade.
    Hint: Sargosso Sea (Sargon) and Xerxes ruins in South America. They were pirates! Europeans were also travelling by ships and ruling and sprinkling their blood. Noting is new under the sun. That's a tiny percentage of the truth.

  13. The problem is with the country of this African nation. Allowing their people to love the white people. Almost worshipped them, like they are gods.
    Wake up black nations! Or you will be forced to relive apartheid all over again and again and again!!!

  14. White people aren't your friends
    White people aren't your allies
    White people aren't your lovers
    White people aren't your people
    White people aren't your saviors
    White people aren't your leaders
    White people aren't your heroes


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