🇺🇸🇳🇱Ramsey County Jailer Travis VanDeWiele Accused of Excessive Force to Resign

A corrections officer accused of using excessive force on an inmate in the Ramsey County Jail has reached a settlement agreement that will lead to his formal resignation, without discipline

Travis VanDeWiele, who submitted his resignation to the Ramsey County sheriff’s office last week, also is out another job. He was listed as co-head wrestling coach at East Ridge High School in Woodbury as of Monday, but he resigned Tuesday.

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A Ramsey County sheriff’s correctional officer resigned last week, a year after he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanour in connection with his violent treatment of an inmate on April 13th, 2016. After Travis VanDeWiele pushed on Terrell Johnson’s head and Johnson complained of excessive force, VanDeWiele responded, “You ain’t seen excessive force yet” and punched the restrained man four times in his abdomen or chest area, according to the criminal complaint against VanDeWiele.

Johnson, then 24, was having a hard time talking, but he managed to say, “Please don’t kill me,” the complaint continued.

Travis VanDeWiele, left, who resigned as a Ramsey County sheriff’s correctional officer, was charged with assaulting Terrell Johnson, right, after he was brought to the Ramsey County jail. The assault charge was dismissed and VanDeWiele pleaded guilty to lesser charge of disorderly conduct. (Courtesy of Ramsey County sheriff’s office) Ramsey County Sheriff Bob Fletcher, who was not working at the sheriff’s office at the time of the incident, said Monday the events captured on video from three years ago “are extremely disturbing to me and other members of the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Department.”

In addition to VanDeWiele’s departure, the sergeant on duty at the time of the Johnson case left the sheriff’s office in March 2017, a month after VanDeWiele was charged.

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  1. This is too hard for me to watch. My own son was brutally beaten by Pittsburgh police for doing nothing except walking around the corner to his grandmother's house after dark. These racist troglodytes will certainly die a terrible death when Yashiyah returns. Come quickly, Yashiyah!!!

  2. Remember its name.
    Travis VanDeWiele. Demons have names. Call the demon by its name as we pray my people to The Most High Yahuah Elohai. Only an angry and evil spirit would cause men to do this to another man. Let not vengeance be your First course of action. Prayer and worship leads any victorious battle. Joshua was instructed to march around Jericho praying, praising, and worshipping El Elohiym, in spirit and truth, before the walls fell and they took the city. Let prayer replace anger. Battles can be fought and won without anger. Joshua did. David defeated the giant Goliath without anger. Defeat these fallen spirits/ Deceivers with the Ruach Gevurah (Spirit of Might).

  3. Esau vs. Jacob we were never meant to get along & will never get along anyway but Esau=White man is going to get his judgement real soon to we at the end of there rulership of the earth anyway so so cat black man Hispanic man and indigenous Indian man woman and child keep induring until the end and we will be delivered from this hell that we faced backed then during slavery and also what we face everyday now we are the strongest people in the entire world no ? about it

  4. I felt so angry that a black person had to go through pain everyday in the hands of police. Thier time is coming where they will account bitterly for maltreating us. He was fighting because he was afraid punched and kneed on the stomach so many times. Seriously real cowards only who treat others like this.

  5. Disgusting! What was the outcome of that young man's injuries? I read where he was only 5'7 and only 180lbs! How he was treated borders on demonic!

    And yet…SOME Black Males still continue to seek after their oppressor's daughters?

  6. Pray?
    It is this same white Jesus that gives these racist, brutal, evil and violent monsters absolution. Why should he come to the aid of people he doesn't like? I'm sorry, white jesus is the reason this inhumanity has grown and still exist.

  7. The problem is this officer didn't think he was doing anything wrong, that's the problem, the hate for his fellow man should concern all Residents of MN, the question is how can our white citizen be so unaware of their privilege and yet adhere to a policy that are close to Fascist and Nazis . At this rate, they may start up our own Auschwitz or Sobibor, oh that's right we call them Boarding schools and prisons. MN disproportionately locks up citizens of color more that any other state !!!

  8. You Black folk still content to get angry and merely pray….
    Then they will be contented to laugh at you and continue to brutalise your Sons and Daughters…
    "God helps those that help themselves"….

  9. The Hell wit all that…. I got one question…..Is this brutha gettin paid……no one has the right to dehumanize a person like that and walk away with a slap on the wrist in the day which we live. Where is his pound of flesh ?…COWARDS!!!!

  10. DEAR DISHONORABLE AND DISGRACEFUL EX OFFICER Travis VanDeWiele and all LAW ENFORCEMENT/CORRECTIONAL AGENTS AND PRINCIPALS, THIS IS YOUR NOTICE and FAIR WARNING, On the day you are standing at the foot of the throne of the Most High, I will be standing there as a witness. The grace and mercy that you showed to this precious Brother of mine will be multiplied 10 fold upon you. Do NOT say that you didn't know any better. ABSOLUTELY do NOT say that you were "just doing your job: Do NOT say that you were not warned. Get your hearts right. Do the right thing and do it quickly…. if you think this is a joke… or that It sounds crazy…. better think again. Better get busy. Ignorance of the Law is no excuse and stupidity is a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY

  11. WICKED $%#@!!! TMHOY, Will recompense each of those filthy beast! Hold on YAHshrael, this is so hurtful to view. Our Father, who IS ONE, our Deliverer & Salvation, will MAKE ALL THESE THINGS WRONG, RIGHT, ACCORDING TO HIS COMMANDMENTS, LAWS, STATUES & JUDGMENTS. EVERYONE WILL GIVE AN ACCOUNT; Truth!


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