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After the Civil War, a massive exodus of former slaves from Southern plantations trekked northward in hopes of reaching a location of true freedom; but embittered white soldiers, resentful the people considered property were now free, had other plans.
Sound speech, that cannot be condemned; that he that is of the contrary part may be ashamed, having no evil thing to say of you. Titus 2:8

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  1. What was said @ 6 23 is profound. The fact that white supremacy has been remixed every generation is the reason why there is no salvation for gentiles.TMH has given them plenty of time to repent and recompense us, but what have they done?All they do is make excuses whilst continueing their wicked ways. They deserve everything that's coming and any of you joining hands with them deserve a painful end too.

  2. The Doctrine of Discovery
    The Christian Black Codes of 1724

    They imposed their Christian religion in us. These doctrines gave them the power to come I to our lands, steal our property, rape our men, women and children, take everything we held dearly. Our Culture. Our Language. Our Natural way of life. We are still their property under the Doctrine of Discovery and The Christian Black Codes of 1724. Until these documents are destroyed, we will ALWAYS be their slaves and they will ALWAYS own our lands and our wealth

  3. We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect
    union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the
    common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of
    liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this
    Constitution for the United States of America.

  4. By saying "melonated people" what he actually means to say is "native indigeonous aboriginals" THEY WERE NOT FROM AFRICA. THEY WERE ALREADY HERE.

  5. Thank you. And its 40 to 50,000 of us there and I know where the real location is. and These brothers talking about they black,even Obama, sad and the mayor of natchez down here but I got a idea will make post soon and we talking about black history month 80% of us don't know what black history is are what we should be celebrating first. You can only get the real history from you great great grandparents and old white men that knew you and your family and the truth out the white men only came from those that where Confederates that changed and helped us fight against the Confederates they great great grandsons only told a few of us the real history besides our ancestors then alot of us hide the real truth why? Don't know there's s few books that tells more about but not all

  6. DUDE, you just said that former slaves were put in a camp surrounded by a wall and then compared it to Trumps wall. You do realize one was made to keep people in BUT Trump's wall is made to keep people out not in. Apples and oranges. Two different things idiot.

  7. What up everybody its to late the whole world is corrup the people who did this to black people are already in hell don't worry about the past worry about the people you see every day not a damn thing change keep your head up 🙏

  8. It is haunting to see as a African American Black Man to see all of the ancestral Black forefathers had to deal with the horrors and conditions of slavery, but also the struggle. It is painful for us as Black people free or still in slavery or an enslaved Black in general. As Black people, our African ancestral forefathers were trying to escape slavery and to find freedom from our benefit, not only freedom but reparations from being slaving and begging for the White Man or Slave owners of White Society. We were captured by the White Slave owners from our African Motherland and brought in the United States to work intense and deadly labor without any payment from our Rich millionaire White Slave owners, our people worked intensive and deadly labor without any type of payment. And Everytime we ask the White Man for reparations from building businesses and building the United States of America, we would have to beg for the White Man for crumbs of our bread and butter to get paid for slaving and working. Our Black ancestral forefathers had an intense and haunting life in the Devil's Punchbowl of Natchez, Mississippi, it is a painful but haunting history for us African Americans, we were starved, lynched, hunged and whipped by White Slave owners and the forefathers of White Society, not only that, we were also burnt to crispy black bodies and hanged by White people who not only butchered us but bullied us because of being a Black person or Black people in general. Slave owners, Ku Klux Klan, Neo-Nazis, Racist White Police Officers always want to bully and harass a Black person because of being Black. We were called nigger, porch monkey, coon, Mr. Chocolate, Watermelon and Fried Chicken eating baboons, every name that would degrade or offend an African American person. It's not only offensive but haunting and shocking. Everytime a person sees a Black person or a Black face, a White person or people of color would think a dangerous person or thief or violent murderer of crime of a African American. And in theory, not all African Americans are thieves and murderer nor violent, we are very peaceful and hardworking but we our also naive but overprotective to our parents and children. We also are very business wise and rules of value people. Not only the White Man enslaved us for centuries, we also had our African American ancestors who enslaved us as well, Dr. Henry Louis Gates can tell you that on his show Finding Your Roots. Let this be a lesson and a learning curve for all the races, Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, and Middle Eastern Arabs, Freedom, Unity, Peace, and Love conquers all bigotry, racism and hatred. We must keep on learning and growing from the teachings and philosophy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and from former President Barack Obama, I have a dream and a change is coming. Yes we can make America great again for a future of all people, races, religions, rich, poor, middle class, and success. We can make a change and accomplish any goal we can achieve if we can all get along and work together for the common and greater good. Without unity and peace, we cannot succeed. Unify what's right. All Lives Matter but Black Lives Matter first. Thank God for President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, they are a Godsend to unify our United States of America and making America and America great with unity, peace, love, respect and dignity. Not bigotry, racism, and Resegregate America and divide like our former President and Racist douchebag Donald Trump. Trump is responsible for starting race wars and riots and Police brutalities on Black people. He is the culprit of commuting treason and treachery among all people of all races including Black people. We need to teach and preach our children and grandchildren that racism is wrong and illegal, it is haunted history of Jim Crow. And that love , peace, and unity as well as a United front conquers all bigotry, racism and hatred. We are all God's creation and His religious children.

  9. All PRAISES THANKS WORSHIP GLORY ARE DUE TO THE MOST HIGH YAH FOREVER! @T.C.A brother I appreciate you so much. The level of knowledge you share with us with wisdom you do it with as well as your creativity is a blessing to witness. I pray OUR HEAVENLY FATHER YAHUA..be PLEASED with you and your family and the audience of the ones he means for you to touch. YAH WILLING SO BE IT!

  10. Hello My mom and I went to beards. Arab-white lady said I am Morocco! My mother said no, I am Guadeloupe. I offend my silence. I am an Indian portugal is it realistic? Whites and Africans think I am Arab! I see the people are Arab-white or Latin


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