🇺🇸1959 Arkansas Secret Black Teen Holocaust (60 Years Ago) 🌺#LESTWEFORGET 🌺

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On March 5, 1959, twenty-one African-American boys burned to death inside a dormitory at an Arkansas reform school in Wrightsville (Pulaski County). The doors were locked from the outside. The fire mysteriously ignited around 4:00 a.m. on a cold, wet morning, following earlier thunderstorms in the same area of rural Pulaski County. The institution was one mile down a dirt road from the mostly black town of Wrightsville, then an unincorporated hamlet thirteen miles south of Little Rock (Pulaski County). Forty-eight children, ages thirteen to seventeen, managed to claw their way to safety by knocking out two of the window screens. Amidst the choking, blinding smoke and heat, four or five boys at a time tried to fight their way forward through the narrow openings as the fire began to devour them. Survivors never forgot the horror of that fire. The wife of one of the survivors later said, in an interview before her husband’s death from cancer, that he had continued to dream about the fire.

On April 21, 2018, a monument was placed in Haven of Rest Cemetery in Little Rock, where fourteen of the twenty-one victims—those who could not be identified—had been buried in an unmarked mass grave. Those buried at the site were: Lindsey Cross (age fourteen), Charles L. Thomas (fifteen), Frank Barnes (fifteen), R. D. Brown (sixteen), Jessie Carpenter Jr. (sixteen), Joe Crittenden (sixteen), John Daniel (sixteen), Willie G. Horner (sixteen), Roy Chester Powell (sixteen), Cecil Preston (seventeen), Carl E. Thornton (fifteen), Johnnie Tillison (sixteen), Edward Tolston Jr. (fifteen), and Charles White (fifteen).

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  1. All I can say wow you are bringing a lot of stories we've never heard of. Thank you brother. May the MOST HIGH continue bless with knowledge so you can keep sharing with us.

  2. Just wanted you to know,
    No one will get away , The Most High ! Is sitting High
    Looking low , know what I mean ?

    These folks don’t have a clue Of whom they are dealing with !!!

    These people are in a lot of trouble !!! Trust Me .

    The Most High
    TaTa / Andrew

  3. I think they are trying to do this again. There is a certain youtuber trying to get blk boys in a school and he claims he won't allow the kids to go back with their parents. He is asking for extravagant amounts of money from the blk community and calls himself a Dr. But always begging and doesn't seem to have money bc he was asking for 1 mil for a house from his supporters. Do not give him money and warn other people so not allow your boys or girls to go to that school. He supposedly bought a run down building in Delaware for the school and still asking for more money. If you are apart of pro blk community on YouTube you know who I am talking about.

  4. Very angering.I dont know if Im more angry or sad.I look at that picture and I see my sons and their friends.They look just like the boys in my community.The same ones that knock on my door daily asking me and my husband if they can go outside with them.Man am I beyond tired of this world and its wickedness.How much longer Father for your people to dwell in this damn hell?May judgement on the wicked be swift and deliverance of your people be swifter.

  5. WOWWWW I'm speechless. My first time ever hearing about this. There are so many stories about horrific acts of violence against my people that we have no ideal of the horror some of our ancestors went through.

  6. The Most High has not forgotten and their Blood still screams at the gates of heaven.Pleading for YA TO JUDGE THESE CRIMES,wither 50 years ago or 7,000 years ago.

  7. I lived in Arkansas all my life and I never heard of this. That's sad I'm a melanated brew and nobody taught me about wrightsville. Now it's a prison town go figured. All praises the Yah TMH


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