🇺🇸Good Samaritan: saves 6 year old boy from escaped Pitbull

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A young teenager rescues a young boy from being mauled by a dog by taking the attention away from him unto himself.

Love thy neighbour as thy self in action.

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  1. All Praises Due To The Most High, they are both so blessed and highly favored. That could have gone so far left.
    Shabbat Shalam True Israel and to all the Nations that follow the Hebrew faith.

  2. This show the nature of THE MOST HIGH'S chosen people. The owner needs to be arrested. Pit bulls are the sweetest MOST lovable of all breeds. People are the problem just as these hate filled racist teach their offsprings to be racist, someone trained that pitties to attack people because that is not their nature. Send the dog to a rescue and lock the owner of the dog up.

  3. And yet we are called “Criminals” and most wanted man!. He did a selfless humanitarian act!!❤️end this end this is what we are Strong by nature organic, embedded in our 🧬 DNA.

  4. That Brutha was truly heroic. Had that been (we know what ilk), they would have filmed it and posted the attack on TY or Insta or Twitter. Much resoect to that Hebrew for his valor.

  5. Thank you father for putting this young man in the right place at the right time. This had me in tears. I was attacked at 7yrs old by a neighbor’s dog, they were shepherd/wolf mix. The owner’s middle child acted and got the dog off me. Those little ones did the right thing too, running to get help.


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