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A Colour blind society leads to “colour muteness.” If you can’t see it, if you deny its existence, then how can you talk about it? And if you can’t talk about it, then conversations of oppression and intolerance will never be heard.

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  1. I just cant wait until they get to see what it feels like! That's the only thing that will make them stop! They are quiet because they agree with the treatment! Ur silence make u complicit!!!

  2. What proof is there that blacks were in the U.S before white man ???. And doing cataract surgery with metal tools is a fucking load of crap . It would mean a presuppostion of there being a lot more knowledge than just cataract surgery . She made a lot of sense . Snd then came up with complete lies and rubbish , which then discredits everything else she says .. She is essntially just an ideologue propagandist . Like all propaganda.., she to employs the tactic of disinformation and even outright fantasy as has been displayed on this segment.

  3. The television experiment. goes on all the time to sometimes to a lesser degree. I've been followed around grocery stores and even furniture stores for graces sake. Really? I guess they thought I could secretly stick the couch I sat on in my pocket and leave without them noticing unless they stared me down.

  4. I believe that most people would NOT get involved, because they secretly like what the person is being subjected to. They feel privileged. Ms. Elliot calls a spade a spade. People dont like to be told of their evil…..smh May our God have mercy.

  5. I truly have to train myself to not let this take me away from YAHUAH. These little experiments happen in our lives today and we fail because we forget the gospel. This is written. We have to set an example and have self control. They set real experiments on us like this all the time. They laugh when we get angry because the willie lynch letters will hold validity!

  6. I would like black people to weaponize themselves with America's history so they can effectively defend themselves and put these racists in their places. I will not cry because I am ready for this shit!!! BLACKS NEED TO SUPPORT BLACK BUSINESSES and see what happens.

  7. The black women in the store at the beginning of this video…it just seemed scripted…most white racist ARE NOT EVEN THAT CONFIDENT in their racism but I understand the overall objective of this video…

  8. THIS! so many white people online with fake wokeness and instagrams filled with the news on racial politics but they shut us up when we try to tell our own narrative.


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