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Sound speech, that cannot be condemned; that he that is of the contrary part may be ashamed, having no evil thing to say of you. Titus 2:8

Let your speech be alway with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man. Col 4:6

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  1. And yet our people are still in a worse state because of this man. He spoke some truth, but his actions doomed us. The I have a dream speech was a load bull, little white and black kids playing and singing kumbaya, just as blind then as we are now. Deuteronomy 7:6 said no mixing of the nations, period. Sounds like a false prophet to me…..


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  3. This video is thought provoking, for sure. The video quotes the Holy Bible in places where it wants to create provocation. The Holy Bible doesn’t say black, white, yellow or beige, it just says man and mankind. The Holy Bible (KJV) is the truth. If you want to know why there is all this hatred in the world this book will tell you. Satan is subtle in his ways and he will get people to go against each other whit the stronger side winning every time. So study the Bible and find Jesus Christ, he will be your shield, your guide, your truth and most of all your everlasting life. Amen.

  4. Disclaimer: This video was made and uploaded a few months back but premiered yesterday. My views on MLK have changed considerably, he made some unwise decisions and was apart of the Boule. For reasons unknown protection, influence or deception who knows.

    That being said, he also made some good contributions and was bold in his pursuit in what (he perceived) was for the betterment of his people and towards the end (in my view) grew disillusioned with the lies he had been sold and sold to others namely, integration.

    This video is to highlight the other side of MLK seldom shown by the media apart from the "I have a dream" docile household brand.

  5. Understand what Esau is saying. They say they have done us a favor. Your reparations are the Bible. If you have the faith. If you have the Spirit. If you have the truth. You know that TMH's Word does and will not go out void. We must as Joshua the first chapter tells us . Be strong and of a good courage. Wheresover we go the LORD is there with us. We have to keep the LORD's Word. We must turn form our sins. And do as Judith the 5th chapter states. If there is no sin in these people. Then leave them alone. We must admonish ourselves to believe on this . We are the greatest people on this planet. We have a power in us that is greater than the brightest light. Start using it. The change is coming. Send up the prayers. The Father is in a great listening mode. He is hearing us. He is smiling down on us. For He knows we are becoming his children once again. Stay strong. Stay prayerful. He will deliver us. We must do our part.

  6. Did not the Lord speak of this man in Jeremiah 23? If this man were a champion for his people..why not tell the people the Truth of the Word. Is a man truly good if he acknowledges not the Father or His Son..and the Law that was given for us to follow? Did not all of the other" prophets" keep the Law and acknowledge the Lord accordingly? Did not King push for economic equality instead of obedience to the Law of the Most High..therefore putting trust in mammon (other gods)..which was our downfall to begin with? How is he valorous for this?

  7. Shalom Brother TCA, what is your email? I would like to send you information I run across today and hopefully you can do a video on it. It is in regards to the continuing persecution they are attempting to bring upon us in light of the NJ “shooting”.


  8. This man and God n Christ did more for us than any other camps so what’s everybody point on hating on what he tried to accomplish he know he couldn’t speak so much knowledge because of the rulers but he tried his best stop judging this man With negative thoughts 💭 he did more than all us ever did in America

  9. Evidence and research displays that Malcolm X, was the man for his ppl, while Michael King Jr. was NOT. Even in Malcolm's err per the religion of Muslim, Malcolm TOLD US WHO WE WERE, and Malcolm before his death, ALWAYS, knowingly and unknowingly TAUGHT what TMHGOY commanded, which was LEARN NOT THE WAY OF THE HEATHEN, COME UP FROM AMONGST THEM, etc. Malcolm X identified, RIGHTLY per TMHGOY, who our adversary was/is. Malcolm X, DENOUNCED ALL TIES TO THIS WICKED KINGDOM OF BABYLON & OUR ENEMIES. Malcolm X, even dropped his slave given name, yet, Martin's father, named him AFTER a beast of the field, as his birth name was NOT Martin, but Michael. Malcolm X TAUGHT segregation AS IT IS WRITTEN IN SCRIPTURE… Dr. Michael King taught DO NOT SEGREGATE, AGAINST THE MOST HIGH OF YAHSHRAEL. Michael King Jr. was for himSELF & for his puppeteers, i.e. Noble Peace Prize, GRAVEN IMAGE in D.C. a "museum" , now REVISED as no longer for Civil Rights, but rather Human Rights??? Michael King NEVER ONCE taught TRUTH, absolute truth from the pulpit, he was the lead puppet to mass genocide of Aboriginal ppl, he smoked secretly…and He did NOT raise his children as commanded. His fruit is selfish & bitter. Martin King was OF THIS WORLD KINGDOM, and we are to be NOT of this kingdom. Malcolm was NOT of this world kingdom…he wanted NO parts of it… Malcolm nor Mrs. Betty Shabazz, would ever accept, or fight for a "holiday" on the beast calendar per SELF recognition, and as we can see, they did NOT! Most ppl were fooled by the CONTROLLED OPPOSITION and movements of Michael King Jr., causing many loyal, yet LACKING KNOWLEDGE ppl to perish. Hosea 4:6. So very sad & deeply hurtful were his works as are any works which are at variance with TMHGOY. May the TRUTH make us free. APTTMHGOY! Bless TRUE YAHshrael & the gentile who Bless TMHGOY & YAHshrael.

  10. We were punished by The Most High for what our ancestors did. How do they think they won't be judged for what their ancestors did to our ancestors and for what most of them continue to do to us today? Joel 3:4 to 3:6

    400 years in USA ended in 2019. Now in 2020, what will happen? Only Yah knows. And I finally understand that our reparations will come from The Most High when The Messiah Yahusha HaMasiach, Jesus Christ, comes back for Judah!

  11. Thank you for this post. None of us are without sin, so what he did wrong he paid for…I can only hope the dream he had the night before he died gave him the push to repent for any wrong doing.

  12. Wow, I am literally in the spirit of repentance today because of yu…my brother! I thought horrors of Brother King, but yu have made me repent… I wash my mouth of all the negative things I’ve ever spoken of the King. He was a REAL MAN and I hold him in the good books deep down in my heart! Thank you my brother!

  13. 3:35 MCONNEL JEWISH GUY THAT HELPS TO BILK TAXPAYERS OF BILLIONS THAT GO TO ISRAHELL on the basis of Jewish Holocaust but 400years TO PRESSENT DAY black HEBREW SLAVERY deserves no reperations or end thereof !!

  14. Just making comments online and not putting anything into action boots on the ground bodies all around if we are not physically getting involved then what’s the point if we don’t get on code as a people we are absolutely finished as a people the hunt is on and we are the prey. And we will continue to be less we regain our manhood…

  15. Thank You Yahuah thru your Son Yahusha for TCA. You got me doing the ugly cry. I seem to be crying alot these days. So much to learn and unlearn. I am comforted with the truth that while I am here servant to the Most High he bottles up my tears. Preparing a place for us. Persevere TCA, SO AM I. Amen

  16. O wow this is really real I can't believe they would say some shit like that yeah I said it😡….
    The prophecy is real these heathens
    Take 400 ➕ years from us then tell us to go back to Africa 🤔 but wasn't it U who took Us.
    They have no intentions on helping us it really is gonna take TMH YAH
    to destroy these bastards that I pray
    Shalom 🙏🏿


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