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Are you aware of the fuel crisis in Zimbabwe, the recession in Venezuela why is this taking place? With growing tension’s nationally and locally are we now beginning to see prophecy approaching it’s climax.

Sound speech, that cannot be condemned; that he that is of the contrary part may be ashamed, having no evil thing to say of you. Titus 2:8

Let your speech be alway with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man. Col 4:6

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  1. Even the woman interviewing said. How can you tell a people that have lived somewhere for centuries and years to go somewhere that they don’t know. She was speaking of the Autochthonous melaninated copper colored people of the Americas!!!
    We’re not African American!!!

  2. And all these problems in these countries Africa and Venezuela stem from the "The Powers That Be" the Elites and their agenda to bring chaos, distress, destruction, famine, diseases particularly to mostly black people and people of colour and to poor Caucasian people…. This is prophesied to happen and #YASHARAHLA Families we will rise above it for TMH YAH is at hand to save us!!

    Shabbat Shalawam! 🕎

  3. Everyone on Earth is not man/human. Some are the seed of satan. Some are not a people, as it is written in the scripture. The Kingdom is given over to a people who is not a people. The sabbath was given to man/human/Israelites, not to the people who is not a people. The Israelites are the true man/human on Earth. Everyone else are nothing to God. They are used to provoke the chosen children of God to jealousy. God knows who he is calling man from way back in the garden of eden. The seed of satan and the seed of the woman are at war.

  4. Some Venezuelan people come to my country Trinidad to take over and live. They think they own my country. Half of them are racist and selfish for no reason. I don't hate or judge them but they behave like racist 'white' people. We try to treat Venezuelan people like human beings but they refuse.

  5. @27:16– a gentile can become an Israelite?? Really, Esau can be Jacob too? Grafted in must be through generational children , ..an Israelite who has strange children, those children must breed back into the family for tow more generations each time marrying back into the Israelite family.

  6. This lady is standing there telling lies so fast, I can't keep up. If feeding people was the issue, we would have never let Monsanto take over the growth. I can't handle these lies. Any food shortage we encounter will be man made. I am so freaking tired of these lies. Go read the book Eco Science and find out what is really going on.

  7. These Christian Churches are going to feed everyone since the pimp pastors are telling the members to bring all of their cash for the tithe. FOOD IS THE TITHE!!!!

  8. That video gave me chills man good stuff… those two guys talking about spiritual Israelite… no such thing your either born one or you can become a servant to us no way around it

  9. One of you're best videos yet! Great job. Would comment in detail but due to the monitering of algorithms, I I've decided to limit the things i comment on and what i comment. I will say though, The Bill Gates Ted talk is one everyone needs to watch in its entirety. His intentions are very clear.

  10. Final Judgement and Civil Orders APRIL 112014

    Pope Francis Sends Obama Powerful Letter pdf.
    Socalled African Americans should seek Restorations. See a video entitled Nationality And Birthrights by Taj Tarik Bey..

  11. Not sure what Pastor Dowell means by saying that the elites are using racism to divide and destabilize countries. Everywhere on the earth slaves were dropped off there is the division between Yah's people and everyone else. THEY WERE SENT INTO SLAVERY TO THEIR ENEMIES! Nothing has changed.

  12. There has to be information to rent space within urban garden plots. Too grow our own food..this system need us for total control..smh
    Thank you for outstanding video!


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