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Question is land grab an assault on the private ownership or compensation for colonial atrocities which systematical worked to disenfranchise native people i.e from bantu education to the apartheid regime which oppressed legally, socially and economically. springboarded by scientific-racism bible distortions combining in the system white supremacy.

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  1. World wide individual s of African origin are systematically used to empower whites economically — meanwhile tweaking and implementing laws designed to demish blacks opportunities to thrive

  2. I'm really starting to believe white supremacy is a mental disorder that the world has accepted the same delusion Paul mentioned in 2 Thessalonians 2:10,11.

  3. How is it that Europeans leave their homeland and then turn and say "we want our own country!" I mean you actually do have your own country, in Europe. Otherwise, chill and live with the people whose lands you are a guest on.

  4. Now you are crying I want water. Did you honestly think that the sleeping giants of Africa was going to let this debit pass and let's be friends. Now the script has been flip.The sins of the fathers has fallen upon his off-spring. So stop grumbling like a knocked up bull and get the fuck out of Africa while you still breathing. I don't feel sorry you the enemy of my people.

  5. Jesus is coming to the mother land and America Repent . When the shoes change things will change time is all most. The love your one another.. Some are stupid the wickkkef cannot always win. Why do they videos . The lord is coming to set the record.. 400 year is up. R racism is Witchcraft, it always was Pure Evil. The wicked will reap what they have sown. satan want company . Lord do not say why Supremacy. He say Wick is supremacy. For it is written Jesus Christ was manifested that he would destroy the works of the devil. . The people with this type of spirit or the same people who killed Jesus Christ. It's all about jealousy. Satan doesn't care who he use. Be not partakers of this evil. Is spread like cancer. The Lord made all mankind. In his his wish to have different nationalities. Because he is the head not the tail. The Lord command love not hate.

  6. Nazi Germany and Apartheid South African learned their ideas from America. Interesting that these ideas are never linked back to this Country in the history books. How long does it truth to be honest and transparent?

  7. All of you do realise that Apartheid no longer exists right? What is interesting here and specifically the questioning about the Apartheid system which, accordingly to Julius Malema, taught whites to hate blacks, is that it was the white population of South Africa who voluntarily changed the system. Every single video I have ever seen which stresses how bad white people were based on and during Apartheid fails to provide any explanation how it came to end. It ended precisely because Apartheid did not teach white people to hate black people. On the contrary, Apartheid ended because white people realised and corrected the error of their ways.

    It was white people who abolished apartheid. There was a referendum. The white population was the only people allowed to vote on the question. The referendum resulted in an overwhelming support in abolishing apartheid.

    Yet, no one ever celebrates the fact that it was white leaders who initiated the release of Mandela, white people who sat down with black leaders and came to an agreement with such black leaders, and most importantly, white leaders who ensured the transfer of political power to the black population knowing that the white minority will never receive equal treatment of have any political control in the country again in any shape way or form. This was all done under conditions that would see a constitution that entrenches discrimination by black people against white people through affirmative action and in the interest of eradicating all those injustices of Apartheid.

    Apartheid culminated in a entire race electing to prejudice themselves in the interest of freedoms for black people with no expectation of any benefit other than what a society devoid of segregation would be able to offer. If you must judge us for the sins of our fathers, why can you not at least acknowledge that it was us who was instrumental in correcting those sins.

  8. I have no sympathy for the poor white in South Africa because non-blacks have no business in Africa in the first place. If the whites don’t like it then they should leave!

  9. These Got Damn Devils Have Some Nerve… Go The Hell Back Where You Came From…. Africa Don't Belong To Them… All You Damn Devils Do Is Steal Kill And Destroy…. Kick Rocks. !!!!!!!

  10. Did you hear what this a**** said that slavery made African American better than where they're from,,!!!!! let's be specific Africa has most of the educated doctors engineer on this planet,, it is the richest continent on Earth ,,,so because they go around and spreading propaganda like most of Africa is starving it's not so,,, I live in America and sometime we can't even buy bread or juice to eat we still work like slave and still can't pay our mortgage are all rent or keep food on our table or send our kids to go to school ,,,,,people here in America are homeless starving and need food maybe not just as much as Africa, but this happen all over the world, and mind you Africa is the richest continent on God's Earth ,,,,,NOW THE WESTION IS WHERE IS THE AFRICAS RESOURCES????? ,,STOLEN UP TO THIS MINS,,,,, benefit benefit from slavery YOU SAID ,!!!? can you imagine this where are four parents their dead where are OUR LAND and that was stolen where is our identity that was taken from us ,,,AND GIVE TO ANOTHER NATION,,,WE SILL HAVE NOTHING today slavery is economically enslaved underpay so harder for us to move ourselves up because we're not financially stable to do so that's economically in slavery the chains are off on my neck eat and hand but that's the other enslavement ,,,,nonsense and stupidity educate yourself

  11. This is just a sneak peek into what Caucasian DID TO people of color across the Earth,, this is just a sneak peek into hell , HOW THEY TOOK ,PEOPLE OF COLOR THINGS,,,WHO ONCE RULE EARTH BECAUSE ALL THE RICHES ONCE BELONG TO THE PEOPLE OF COLOR,,,TOOK ALL AND LEFT THESE PEOPLE TO DIE IN HUNGER AND NO SHELTER AND nothing to die SADD

  12. This is so disgusting to listen to…I always refuse to Learn SA history because my blood pressure usually sky rockets😩🍷
    South Africans are not really respected within most countries on the continent because of the way they allowed whites to treat them, then they turn around to threaten and hate other Africans. I’m glad now that they have Malema to show them how embarrassing their behavior have been and to finally do something 🤦🏾‍♀️

  13. my question is why haven't the European countries that occupied SA and made the system of apartheid been held accountable for crimes against humanity, why haven't reparations been paid to the blacks of South Africa, Britain, Netherlands and others need to be held accountable as the Germans have paid the Jews, America has paid Native Americans don't see why they have not done so in SA.

  14. I promise I'm so sick of all of this something has to change time has to be up… I don't know how much longer our ancestors have to cry out for justice…apttmh

  15. I love how in this video they show you that what they did in america to the original black americans (original indians) they did exactly the same thing in South Africa and all over the world in any land they invaded. Take back your land global family and kick the foreigner's out cos they dont belong.

  16. They still giving low wages to Africans. An African and a White person might be doing the same job but the white person gets paid more. Especially in a city called Cape Town,wow it's heavy there.

  17. And the brainwashing is insane. Do you recognize how the African lady said it's okay if it's blacks that suffer but seeing the white people made her sad and cringey?! The propaganda and indoctrination is something that's still alive and kicking! That's why I thank you so much for your work as it aids in the waking up process.


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