🇿🇦South Africa Nicholas Ninow GUILTY: Mother Claims it was “just” a mistake

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Let your speech be alway with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man. Col 4:6

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  1. Because of my nature I do have empahty for him but because I've learned my lesson and now I know who my enemy is, I'm 100% happy with the ruling….he deserves what he got…HE RUINED THIS LITTLE GIRL'S LIFE FOREVER…

  2. So his mom says he's not a rapist even tho he was caught red handed. She must think his mistake was attacking the girl in close proximity to all those witnesses. And I'm thinking she don't wanna call it rape because the girl wasn't white like they saw things a century ago in the U.S. and probably more recently in S. Africa. Nepotism looking like some old racism

  3. If she was truly sorry she wouldn't be pleading for a lesser sentence to understand that what he did was horrific Lee wrong and to give him a chance one chance to do it again to another child is pure lunacy

  4. When you can no longer hide who you really are, if it were a day or many years, drugs will either be a truth serum or enhance who you are, and what spirit you harbor.

    Hate and fear can cause you to do many of things, especially when that spirit is passed down from the 3&4 generation, and reveals itself in a devastating way indeed. Hatred at its best…family lineage!!!!!!!!!

  5. Any horrible action can be seen as a mistake because it shouldn't happen. His was an "intentional mistake". I have absolutely no empathy for rapists, or any type of predator because its pre- meditated.

  6. I mean what do people expect his mother to say? People are so far from reality nowadays nothing surprises me anymore, including this woman's plea's. I'm sure she is partly responsible for her sons behavior cause she very well seems like a enabler and one of these type of moms that allows her son to knock the shit out of her! As far as her bastard son is concerned, they should have beat him to a bloody pulp and got a rope, threw it over the nearest tree branch or pole or something and strung this fucker up by his head and neck, then castrated him and let him bleed out in pain like a fucking hog!!! ….does any of that sound familiar?

  7. It was a mistake huh?……… it was a grievous mistake when she birthed that wicked, evil perverted rapist from her lousy, filthy lady croutch, thats the greatest mistake in this whole tragic story.

  8. Yes, he knew what he was doing. He just didn’t care. And the mother never should have been giving a platform to explain her son. If the roles were reverse, no one would be interested in hearing an explanation from that Black mother.

  9. We could have used a judge like that here in Dallas, TX with the Amber Guyger case Botham Jean….I see the judge didn't get off his bench and give that man a hug and a bible….thank you.

  10. Do some people know the difference between a mistake and a choice. I'm so tired of hearing people saying I made a mistake…NO YOU MADE A DAMN CHOICE!

  11. You people are evil it’s in their DNA according to the Bible look at their entire history they come to kill, steal and destroy. That family can never heal from such an act. Well fortunately for me am not surprised because I have studied there history very well it’s all in the Bible and history also backs it up

  12. She’s so focused on her son. What about that poor little girl and her family? That’s diabolical, that’s why the son did what he did. No accountability GOD please bless, keep and give that little girl’s family peace. While the other family lays in torment until they come to understand


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