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  1. Time to return to the days of old… We depend on the government (mind control) to supply our every need!!! Grow some veggies and buy a fishing pole…get a bow and some arrows and perfect your hunting skills… Cut back on all that processed food with too much sugar and salt and live off the land… Get the community to pitch in and dig a well for water🤔.

  2. Rev 6:6 Then I heard what sounded like a voice among the four living creatures, saying, “Two pounds  of wheat for a day’s wages, and six pounds of barley for a day’s wages, and do not damage the oil and the wine!”

    So whats a days wage today? We will be paying alot for food

  3. It's like 36 rand for 2l of milk in South Africa which amounts to about 2,48 in Dollars. Zimbabwean people literally travel here to do their shopping cause it works out cheaper.

  4. There is no way these are US prices, this has to be Zimbabwean dollars.
    Edit: The new Zimbabwean currency is 'RTGS' stands for "real-time gross settlement" 

    》Officially the rate of the RTGS$ to the US$ is at 1RTGS$ = 0.4US$ but this is not the case on the parallel market where 1RTGS$ is around US$0.26. The exchange rate is determined by the forces of supply and demand on an auction market the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe set up along with the announcement of the RTGS Dollar.

  5. The central banking system is the devil. It's taking over the world with the help of the American military. Only Cuba, north Korea, and Iran are left not under their control. The bankers/Zionist are trying to control the economy of the world.

  6. I’m Zimbabwean and can confirm these prices are based on a pseudo currency ie we don’t have & have not had recognized or functional currency for almost 10 years. The local reserve bank determines the value of “local currency” based on the US $ and other recognized currencies. So someone will earn a salary based on U$ and convert to whatever the going rate is…. Nonetheless the inflation is currently more than 100% in this quarter alone. Some blame it on Zimbabwe leading the way in land reform and demanding reparations from colonizers. Others blame it on greed and poor governance. Neither of these negate the consequences that the everyday Zimbabwean now suffers

  7. Zimbabwe better count their blessings 1 RTGS equals .11 USD, in Nigeria it is WAY worse 1 Nira equals 0.0028 United States Dollar. Get it together Family because the starvation agenda for Eden is real. Get you some chickens and goats, plant Fruit Trees, a Garden, FORAGE, talk to your Elders and learn to live the old way as much as possible.

  8. This is a direct result of EU & US sanctions that everyone seems to omit from the conversation when they speak about African & other resource rich countries. People must see the game by now. It’s been the strategy of the West for years. They conspire to slowly & strategically place trade sanctions on target countries then gradually collapse those economies…then they come in with “aid” or to “spread freedom” whilst stealing resources in return. Do your research on active trade sanctions on Zimbabwe. This action causes heavy inflation, collapses the government, then the West comes in like the solution to the problem they created.
    Other tactics they use in Africa particularly seems to be spreading disease, then “eliminating” the disease they created. Case in point: Ebola.
    It must be pure coincidence that this disease just popped up where Diamonds are mined. You must study history to recognize this pattern. Most are unaware of sanctions that are placed gradually. The entire West is in debt…so someone has to pay. The US used the same blueprint for Libya, Afghanistan, Syria, now Venezuela (Who has the most oil reserves in the world). Search “when Venezuela was rich”…don’t trust most of the commentary as it is propaganda. After watching research active trade embargoes/sanctions on Venezuela.
    Here is Zimbabwe:

  9. The cause of inflation is greed plain and simple. Money loaned exchanging hands commands usury or interest. The Zimbabwe Government is in contract with IMF to provide economic loans for modernization of the country infrastructure. This includes supermarkets which is where he shoots the video from. The supermarket franchisee must pay the taxes, tariffs and hidden interest so the pricess are raised to cover that interest payment and still eek out a small marginal profit. It's the American way.


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