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  1. My grandmother had wild grape vines growing on her tree and my mother and I went to cut them off, so they wouldn't kill the tree and when we cut the largest vine a huge gush of water flowed out like a stream, it was amazing how much water it held and how clean the water was. After we cut the vine, all the branches dried up and died because the vine was their only source of water – it was very symbolic and gave me a deeper understanding of Jesus referring to himself as the vine and as living water.

  2. Water has memory & is an absolutely fascinating substance. There have been a couple different documentaries on this subject that are mind boggling & really provokes thought above & beyond…….. Water has many secrets! To be fascinated watch (The secrets of water the documentary) And the other one is called (The mystery of water, what we know is a drop) Two excellent documentaries on water.

  3. Better be filled with the Living Water The Holy Spirit because demon spirits are roaming everywhere seeking dry places! I believe this 💯 because how else can a father beat his little baby to death with a hammer?! This happened last week in Texas,and I know these people are filled with the enemy to do such a thing!
    Repent and ask The Most High in Yahshua's name to fill you with His Holy Spirit,The Living Water so it flows from you because the demons are seeking dry places to roost!

  4. Have you done the water experiment? You get 2 cups of water and everyday you speak to them. The difference is that to one of them you say negative things, and to the other kind things. After a few days you will notice the “abused” water will get dark but the “loved” water will remain clear. Can this support that is is living?

  5. Water is the fundamental element of creation; it cannot be created nor destroyed. It is not made of h2o; it's made of water. Seas could not exist on a spinning ball…..hahaha!

  6. There's power in the blood. The blood that flows like water. The water that Yah had total control over and uses often. Walking on water, parting water, turning water into wine, turning water into blood and using water to wash the wicked that greatly sinned against His creations away. We are baptized and born again in water. This lesson was eye opening and it truly gave me an understanding I don't think I wouldve came to on my own. Thank you heavenly Father. You are magnifcent and worthy of total praise. Amazing.


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