This video will be covering the house of Stewart, 1611 KJV Bible, The 1745 Jacobite Rebellion.
KING James the 1st of England was originally King James the 6th of Scotland.
He was the son of a black father and a coloured mother both of royal blood. Without the necessary background, this may sound like a far-fetched story motivated by a crazy desire to identify black heroes in world history.

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We should not forget, however, that after the Moors settled in Spain and southern Europe in 711 CE, significant numbers of black people found their way into northern European countries such as Scotland, Ireland, France and Denmark.

The nations of Scotland and Ireland were, since the beginning of the first millennium, had significant numbers of blacks, who in Scotland, wielded political power as the kings and rulers.
It is also from the preponderance of black people in Ireland in medieval period that the term β€˜black Irish’ has continued to be used to this day.

After the downfall of the Moors in Granada, Spain, the white countries of Europe took a special interest in Scotland because there was a thriving black population there.
Unlike the Moors in Southern Europe who were Moslems, the Scottish blacks were Christians and therefore could not be victimised on grounds of religion.

They also wielded significant military power.
To neutralise black influence in Scotland the neighbouring white nations adopted the strategy of white washing the line of the black kings of Scotland.

They entered into treaties with the Scottish kings that would ensure intermarriages between white princesses of the northern countries and the black kings of Scotland and their heirs.
These were arranged marriages that would be overlooked by the Catholic Church.

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  1. Why History is so Important and how to uncover The Deliberate White-Washing of Black History King James Was Black and the Only King to have or hold Kingships or Rule Kingdoms in Two Different European Countries. Pretty Awesome Huh! You're Welcomed for the King James Version Bible.πŸ™πŸ˜Ž

  2. Thoughts Camera Action – Thank you. Hou have documented my visions & confirmed my dreams.
    Im reallly glad to see the UK & the US have joined forced in revealing this history.
    I hope I too one dst will be of sevice. Keep U the excellent work of documenting our as yet undisclosed history or My Story the MysteryπŸ™πŸ”₯πŸ₯‚

  3. Heaven and earth are still here along with the stars and the truth about the covenant laws statue and commandments given to the children of Yisrael from I, Almighty as it is written exodus ch3:14 ch6:6 we going home soon HalleluYAH deuteronomy ch30 all of it read and get right with him period

  4. Wow, does anybody remember the movie The Last King of Scotland with Forest Whitaker. I see now how they was suggesting that black nobility in Scotland what's a ridiculous thought, when in reality it was a matter of fact. I love the word of TMH. It Reveals All truth. The enemy indeed has engaged in clever console against us very very early in the game. We have been completely blind for so long. The most high is so amazing just in the last few years we are waking by the thousands into all truth and doing so in the lands of our captivity. They should be shaking in their boots. Who can make war with our Elohim?????


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