🕋 Cube Of Saturn World-Wide Phenomenon.

Sound speech, that cannot be condemned; that he that is of the contrary part may be ashamed, having no evil thing to say of you. Titus 2:8

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  1. all i can say is to share this with your colleagues, friends and family, make it go worldwide.
    ps. to the agent that is following me, i am screen picturing all the comments you are censoring of mine which aren't even using putdowns or profanities, so why is this, please pull my account again because that's your only answer.?

  2. Thank you for the opening of my eyes. My prayer will be to be invited to the banquet by Yahusha. Then I hope I'm brave enough to ask if I can go to school there and relearn all that was not true and left out here on earth. What a MESS here on earth!!!! I feel like I've been decieved my whole life. That 60+ years of down flat lies. Glad I don't go to church…who would be there? More deceivers? I read on my own and pray the Yahusha sends me the "Helper". He has…, glory to my Lord most high. I'm learning and loving it and, and, I want more. God Bless you, your lovely wife and the team for all you do.

  3. Let’s decipher this fake planet Saturn 😂has a hexagon(6-sided figure)🤔uuuum let me see Revelations 13:18 here is wisdom let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast for it is a number of a man👱🏼‍♂️🧔🏻‍♂️👈🏾an his number is six hundred three score(60) an six 🤔 social distance 6ft dis fake 6 sided hexagonal shape on dis fake planet 😂Saturn one of their greek gods called Saturn worship🤔 your buried 6ft all their astronomy math numerology equals 666 an the list goes on an on an on welcome to the kingdom of the beast they lie —(psalms 58:3)In spells of sixes number six is their number an the most high number is seven welcome to the beast system israel coded with sixes nice try €$@¥ but no cigar

  4. Re-watched and shared! Great content and subject matter as usual! The things that have been right in our faces, and now knowing the truth wow! Bravo 👏🏾👏🏾 to you @TCA! Thanks for all you do!💞💯

  5. Don't forget about the black cube the Kabba stone…go check out how the Muslims worship that! It reminds me of not only Saturn but an egg and sperm in the womb…I wouldn't be surprised if the Anti Christ" hatches out of that thing…or @ last visits it

  6. Thanks for this. I tried researching why so many cubes in movies like Avengers (tesseract) Justice League (Mother Box) and Transformers (All Spark) etc. were integral to the story and were depicted as life-giving/destroying or mind altering. Clearly there's a subliminal message with these movies, like with all movies. This explains a lot and helped connect dots.

  7. It’s water up there (gen 1:7🤔) there is no vacuum 🤔with spinning globes😂 flying around the sun (sun worship sounds familiar sun god RA 🤔everything revolving around the sun🤔america teaches forced sun worship🤔from elementary 🤔but YAHAWAH said everything revolve around the earth 🤷🏾‍♂️Nicolas copernicus 🧔🏻‍♂️👈🏾created the heliocentric model from the geneicentric model which came from Hebrew cosmology 🤷🏾‍♂️🤣🤣🤣 I Have footage to prove it that those so called planets are wandering stars raw energy an are not a terrestrial plane you can land on 😂 these devils done turned the most high truth upside down an reversed every thing like they vowed to do Malachi 1:4🤔—-1 Timothy 6:20 beware of profane an vain babblings an oppositions of science falsely so-called🤔 get dis fake saturn somewhere that don’t have nothing to do with keeping the laws just another lie from your friendly neighborhood devil revelation 12:9👳🏿‍♂️👊🏾🤴🏿🍷 Shalawam James 1:1

  8. Sometimes talking to camps is pointless, I tried having a discussion with one and basically if you show them a fault of their's in doctrine they act like something is wrong with you for not understanding something that's clearly wrong…
    The "star", chart, esau being the white man are all folly.

  9. It's not only the black ROBES that folks wear, it's also the black cubed Hats graduates wear on their heads during the school & university graduation ceremonies, & that they ritualistically move their tassels from right to left after the ceremony.

    All graduates (to the worshippers of Saturn) are new adepts in the knowledge of good & evil (those who have gone through the initiate levels of education in Saturn's school system). However, most graduates are most likely completely unaware of this entire system.

  10. I love this platform but this guy Jordan speaking at the start is a Freemason and he hates our my GID AND JESUS I found thus out doing an investigation about him I pray for all those fooled by Lucifer . Satan is the father of all lies and in the end he will destroy all his followers in his pit while the rest of us are home with our holy family FATHER GOD AND OUR SAVIOUR JESUS. Praise The Lamb

  11. Do the other planets that we were taught really exist?? I listened to a teaching not long ago and pretty much it was a lie, where does it say in the scriptures that TMH created these other planets, it’s just the sun, moon and stars, we were indoctrinated from birth to believe that✌🏾

  12. Interesting: the judge, wearing the black robe (of Saturn) is also bestowed with the legality of sentencing the guilty to certain amount of TIME to face in a cell/block.

  13. Oh yeah Jordan Maxwell … A Goat in this … 1960s wrote a paper called …the illuminati …he also did
    Millennium 2000 in the 90s …
    Good Video live your stuff … TCA

  14. This ain’t new information to some people. I only say that because I see that some will be confused after watching. All I have to say is to pray for discernment and wisdom family. Shout out to TCA for bringing this to the light for many people. Watch the video again and pay attention to the group being called out abs then ask yourself if you are part of that group or follow that group and then think some more and when it clicks that’s when you praise The Most High. I’m saying all this out of love with no strife. APTTMH !

  15. The reason you wear a black cap with a black square mortar board at the top together with a black gown is to symbolize the completion of your indoctrination in the beast 'educational' system, so that you can now go out into society and be a slave and a tool for the system.

  16. Family, don't let the Saturn-day/sabbath thing throw you off course. Remember that the job of the workers of inequity is to super-impose their wickedness on everything good, and to turn everything good, evil. The main guy speaking, Jordan Maxwell, is rumoured to be controlled opposition so while he reveals a lot of information, he also misleads those seeking the truth.

  17. Did he really say "in "mother nature" we don't have precisely arranged patterns"??? what a lie and joke, what is Fibonacci and all the other patterns that can be viewed in Yahuahs nature?

  18. There's also the Cube in the movie "Hellraiser" that was a puzzle box& portal to hellish dimensions..and the black cube "ship" of the Borg, on the show StarTrek…Their favorite/ classic phrases, " you will be assimilated", "resistance is futile"…
    Then there's Jack-n- box( restaurant), who recently changed their logo, to a cube shape rather than a red 1 dimensional box.. I've come to under, the beehive patterns we see everywhere around us; logos, building desings, media ect…are all hexagrams. Not only that but the whole " beehive notion is referenceing the hive mind and assimilation of minds/ souls being used in this Babylonian/ Satanic matrix…with the Whore/ JEZEBEL/ mother Goddess as the "QueenBee"..Beyonce! Somebody!…we know where that idea came from🙄..had the nerve to buy a church for Beyonce Worship! Get outta here devil! Then there's the Niki Minaj video, bees in the trap.
    You know I realized the birds and the bees, is alot more than Sex Ed..who you think the birds are?? What kinda bird hmm?! I'm going to speak in it when I start my channel( so lemme have it ) brings to mind the co- mingling of the seeds..wheat& tares. Don't Tell me His children aren't still here😑. I've met a few, and I don't mean solely Spiritual children. I'm mean blood. Top to bottom of our society, they're mixed in!🛑TEST EVERY SPIRIT!! & I HIGHLY suggest using the name Yehushua/ Yeshua when you BIBLICALLY ask that imparitive question. I feel a devil can easily say YES, to a falsified name for our Abba, so come correct. I've had some interesting & yelling reactions with that! You should see a devil's face! It's like sideswiping they mouth frfr. Not today Satan! The devil is a liar! 🛑😤


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