The Sicarii were a splinter group of Zealots who, in the decades preceding Jerusalem’s destruction in 70 CE, strongly opposed the Roman occupation of Judea and attempted to expel them and their sympathizers from the area. The Sicarii carried sicae, or small daggers, concealed in their cloaks

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  1. been in the word of Elohim for many many years…I was only searching for the truth and how to please him…I saw me in the word,..but not as a Israelite Hebrew…when I started watching videos..that's when i see..all praises to The Most High Yah..

  2. Absolutely brilliant video about the SICARII…. When I went to Israel with the Brethrens of New York and Florida we visited "MASADA" which I believe that was the last strong hold of the Zealot SICARII who was fighting the Romans…. And now, you have a Camp called SICARII out there in Atlanta, San Diego, Dallas, Toronto, etc owner and run by the leader Chief Priest Ahlazar aka Guerrilla Hebrew!!

    Shalawam! ✊🏽

  3. Each one teach one 6 a.m. in the morning in the car meditating watching your video welcome back all praises to the most high In God We Trust I try not to watch TV too much I can get my current events from people of God I got the spirit Love Is Love from Boston

  4. IC Bible prophecies playing out Trump just strike Iran World War 3 Just Begun children of God of Israel get ready we about to go in Jacob's troubles so may the most high protect his chosen people through these tough times in God we trust they open the pits of hell what's CERN and the supernatural by the hit this realm in any second the devil know his time is up so he's raising the volume to all my chosen people keep your eyes open and Beyond military movements by any means necessary In God We Trust Love Is Love

  5. Not sure if this story of the Sicarii is told in 100% truth but from a "Whiteman" prospective point of view I believe there's more to this story….. And the Sicarii (clang) who also were black Israelites and not white as we know they love to always white washing history to fit their narratives and paint themselves as us!!

    Shalom 🙌🏽

  6. I could get on board with this video if they showed the people as they were or possible still are. The scriptures clearly states what they chosen people of the Most High look like. The people that occupy Israel today are phonies! When will the truth be told as it should be. The so called Jewish state wasn't created as the scriptures state. But was created by the U.S., Great Britain, and sanctioned by the U.N.. Therefore, their whole existence in the region is a sham.

  7. Love all your stuff, but this one I’m not comprehending at all my G…who were the sicarii were they us, because according to the footage yu showed we weren’t even the original Jews so i dunno but I appreciate all of your work either way tbh!

  8. This video has skipped over the 70 a.d. – destruction of Jerusalem

    The recorded history places the Masada event several years after the fall of Jerusalem

    73 CE – Siege of Masada.

    Idumean converts had become the ruling class from the time of Herod the Great at the beginning ofvthe new Century 37 bce – 4 bce

    These Idumean leaders are the ones that made agreements with the Romans
    – Josephus reports they’re the ones that murdered the Priests serving in the temple
    – they’re the ones who opened the gates and allowed the roman soldiers into Jerusalem
    – Idumean politicians, priests and religious leaders ruled the city
    – the fighters were the Judeans
    – they tried to take the people back to the Mosaic law
    – however, Jerusalem had been Hellenized under the Greeks
    for nearly 300 years including the occupation of the Romans

    The Mosaic Law had been watered down by the Greeks and then the Idumean priesthood
    That were creating the beginning of Judaism

    The Zealot Temple Siege (68 AD) was a short siege of the Temple in Jerusalem fought between Jewish factions during the First Jewish–Roman War (66–70 AD).

    Jerusalem fell in 70 a.d.

    According to the historian Josephus, the forces of Ananus ben Ananus, one of the heads of the Judean provisional government and former High Priest of Israel, besieged the Zealots who held the Temple.

    When John of Giscala led the Zealots to believe that Ananus had contacted the Roman General Vespasian for assistance in retaking control of all Jerusalem, the Zealots, driven to desperation, asked the Edomites (Idumeans) for assistance in preventing the delivery of the city to the Romans.

    When the Edomites arrived, the Zealots opened the gates of Jerusalem to them, and the Edomites slaughtered ben Hanan's (Ananus ben Ananus) forces, killing him as well.

    After freeing the Zealots from the Temple, the Edomites and Zealots massacred the common people. Jerusalem mostly remained in the control of the Zealots until 70 AD, when it was sacked by Rome and the Temple was destroyed.

    According to Josephus, John of Giscala, who secretly sought to rule Jerusalem, had cultivated a friendship with Ananus:

    [John of Giscala] was a man of great craft, and bore about him in his soul a strong passion after tyranny, and . . . he pretended to be of the people's opinion, and went all about with Ananus when he consulted the great men every day, and in the night time also when he went round the watch; but he divulged their secrets to the zealots, and every thing that the people deliberated about was by his means known to their enemies, even before it had been well agreed upon by themselves.[2]

    John was suspected of being a spy, and so was made to swear an "oath of goodwill" to Ananus ben Ananus and the people. After swearing the oath, Ananus sent John of Giscala into the inner court, to speak with the Zealots on his behalf. John immediately turned coat, "as if his oath had been made to the zealots," telling them that they were in imminent danger, and could not survive a siege. He told them that they had two options: 1) to surrender, in which case they'd either face execution, vigilantism, or retribution for the "desperate things they had done"; or 2) to ask for outside assistance. John told the Zealots that Ananus had sent ambassadors to Vespasian to ask him to come take the city. This in fact was not true, but convinced them that they could not endure a siege without help.[2]

    [The Zealots] hesitated a great while what they should do, considering the shortness of the time by which they were straitened; because the people were prepared to attack them very soon, and because the suddenness of the plot laid against them had almost cut off all their hopes of getting any foreign assistance; for they might be under the height of their afflictions before any of their confederates could be informed of it. However, it was resolved to call in the Idumeans [Edomites]; so they wrote a short letter to this effect: That Ananus had imposed on the people, and was betraying their metropolis to the Romans; that they themselves had revolted from the rest, and were in custody in the temple, on account of the preservation of their liberty; that there was but a small time left wherein they might hope for their deliverance; and that unless they would come immediately to their assistance, they should themselves be soon in the power of Artanus, and the city would be in the power of the Romans.

    They’ve documented this historical evidence- we’re just reporting it!

  9. The Sicari failed, but they had to that the scriptures be fulfilled. According to the scriptures they will succeed in these end times with Yah's help and they will finally do as they are told and leave NONE of the enemy standing (including those who sympathize with the enemy). It will be our Father to raise them up, not the ppl. His will be done.
    What angers me in this film is that the initial failure is evident in the current occupation of those lands and the identity theft that resulted. It is comforting to know that with patience, the travesty will be corrected once the real Judah wakes up.


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