10 Essential Future Foresights for a Post Corona World: A Covid-19 Virtual Keynote by Gerd Leonhard

In this totally redesigned virtual keynote I share 10 key foresights on our immediate, in/post-crisis future: BigTech, BigHealth, BigState, Big Media…. Big Green? !! UPDATED AUGUST 18 2020: now with subtiles / captions in ENG, ES, FR, IT, PT and IT !!
I am streaming in HD, directly to YT using my ATEM Mini Pro video mixer, several BlackMagic Cameras as well as some decent studio lights and green-screens. Presenting online like this takes a lot of experimenting – so please comment below and let me know how you like it. Thanks!

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Other topics covered in this talk:
* The ‘United States of Europe’ is coming (and why that’s a good thing)
* Climate change adaptation & mitigation will become the dominant global narrative, vastly eclipsing the current crisis in terms of impact (think ‘the end of oil’)
* A new kind of social / sustainable capitalism is emerging: people, planet, purpose and prosperity. A global shift from shareholder to stakeholder value is imminent
* Technology regulation will become as important as environmental regulation

The question is not ‘what will the future bring’ but ‘what future do we WANT’.
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Comment (5)

  1. There is no new normal ..read newspapers across the world in the last 21days , we are back to normal. Old habits die hard. Politics is the same, activists are the same, leaders are behaving the same way…Silicon Valley -Bangalore will produce technology as they did before Covid or no Covid . China will manufacture more or less the same stuff……..Honestly nothing has change on the ground same hunger..same racism, same inequality of income/wealth…..

  2. Excellent presentation.
    We have blown the virus story out of proportion and in doing so we are shaping a better future world system. Finally we want more than just growth but rather we are thinking of the planet . After the 1918 flue which killer 50 million people we had great economic prosperity. This virus is going to concentrate on care. 2020 is the year we have woken up and seen the destruction of life on our planet and the greatest virus of all which we dare not face is human population growth.


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