Sound speech, that cannot be condemned; that he that is of the contrary part may be ashamed, having no evil thing to say of you. Titus 2:8
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  1. these by common sense and knowledge and by examining things and have gathered enough knowledge to know who i am as an african not by my own accord but by listening, learning, questioning i already reckoned that indeed, the AFRICAN LIVED AND THRIVED ON THE FOUR CORNERS OF THE EARTH, having been here before anyone else on this planet earth. therefore the AMERICAN is still an AFRICAN for the shifted and drifted carrying along the AFRICAN to various destination and therefore we are still one people, so no one should get triggered but those that thought they could HIDE FACTS from us forever. LETS THEY FORGET NOTHING STAYS HIDDEN FOREVER. welcome brothers and sisters lets rejoice in knowledge who we really are, the BANTUS and The REAL JEWS NOT JEWISH , shallom, praise to the ALMIGHT children of the most HIGH

  2. What we as a society must come to overstand is that everything we know or have been taught, had come from Caucasians…in other words, why are we dependent on our oppressors 2 teach us correct and factual information and education pertaining 2 our past, culture, heritage, landmarks and ancient geography along with our ancestors true identity? Do I believe, no, do I know that the 1st Americans were dark skinned AKA negro, yes, I have no doubt about that, the so-called native Americans aren't indigenous 2 the Americas, they migrated here unlike the actual historical indigenous American ppl that are indeed negroid just like all other indigenous people on the planet, we're all melanated or socalled black people. So we need 2 stop giving our DNA away trying 2 see if we have native American DNA…there is no native American DNA especially if ur referring 2 the Mongolian or Asian ppl that migrated here and now calling themselves native American. There's actually a plethora of documentation proving that the 1st American inhabitants were indeed dark skinned or negroid people! The American indigenous people and the African indigenous people used 2 coexist and thrive until they were divided geographically during some flood or dividing of the land but Africans didn't just migrate 2 the Americas in recent centuries nor were they brought here by the millions 2 north America and made up the entire black civilization in America, that's insane… Yes, we were already here b4 Columbus and b4 another groups of people!

  3. TCA….
    Ororo Monroe is Storm from X-Men 🤣🤣🤣🤣
    When you know the character's history, it's kinda funny. They were definitely taking the mick.
    She was made an orphan when her parents was killed during and Arab-Israeli conflict 👀

  4. The Brocks and Kathrines if the world will co-sign these madness, because these Canaanites know who we are and they don't want us to wake up and claim our inheritance, because it is their end!

  5. Scriptually, the native americans (Mongolian, Hawaiian Malaysian etc) in all their shades black, copper, brown and pale and hair lengths/textures are a subgroup of the Canaanites.

    Some NOT all Negros in America mixed with or formed temporary alliances with these Canaanite nations during/prior to slavery.

    Ironically, most folk that advocate separation or are antithetical to the African continental lineage are often of ambiguous, admixture i.e native Indian (mongolian) negro ancestry.

    Thus, the continual disregard by some in America for Africa is evident and now makes sense I.e divided loyalty and self-hate.

    Brother/Sisters let's do better.

  6. You need to be smacked in your head for this video….all that impeccable work and this is where you end up?!! But I see that you have no idea who our people are, nor who the Canaanites are either. By your own videos you've displayed the images of Canaan and the Phoenix(eagle), and how many Negroes do you see in American leadership sporting eagle head-dress like Native American chiefs did…huh genius? You dishonor 400 years of enslavement and affliction with this video…as Genesis 15:13-16 declares. But I forget though, you foolishly think Babylon is NATO, when every scripture pertaining to Babylon says it's A NATION(singular), Jer., Isa., Micah, Rev. 18, ALL say it is ONE nation that rules the world! And last time I checked, AMERICA IS IN CHARGE! You don't even know who the U.K. is so how could you possibly know who Babylon is? Check Isa. 23 and the SEVENTY YEAR prophecy, then talk to me about who we are. Native Americans are Canaanites, who don't have beards and ARE NOT CIRCUMCIZED…Negroes in America(most) are, with beards and dreads(locks). Native Americans(Indians, as in Hindu-Cush!) are descendants of the Aztecs, Incas and Mayan peoples who were chased up to North America by the Conquistadors circa 1500. And how did they get to the Americas? The Canaanites were DRIVEN OUT by the Israelites, remember?!!(Gen15). Canaanites + Phoenix head-dress + nomadic seafarers = PHOENICIANS! They are more relative to EAST INDIANS than our people…so GET IT RIGHT!

  7. I think pyramids are heavily connected with king solomon , in the bible it even sed he built great temples fot all these other nations and started worshiping their gods , plus he asked for wisdom and was given wisdom knights templer were on search for artifacts from king solomon

  8. It's a shame that we have been so screwed ova by Esau that we have to try and piec our selves back together. But I give great respect to all our people who is doing the work. We are all learning. May YAH give you massive wisdom and knowledge.

  9. The people used to sing by and by we will understand it better, by and by. Yes, prophesy, HalleluYaH we seek Yahuah and live no longer in the ignorance of our past. Set apart through Yahusha Hamashicah in the Rauch Ha’Qodesh. All dominion to The Most High, YaHH forever, forever. Bless YaHH!!!

    To think YaHH has chosen a people and they are not? Isaiah 1:3 (ESV) The ox knows its owner, and the donkey its master’s crib, but Israel does not know, my people do not understand.”

  10. I thought that time brother Dana Galloway's motive was to try to discredit Deuteronomy 28:68.
    If he was successful, he thought, he would have lay down the Trans Atlantic Slave Teade, on which he stated didn't happen but in different direction, from America to Africa. From that time I didn't "eat" his disfunctional ideas.

    Also ADAM the first man is dark brown. So of course there will be facial similarities. But that video matching facial similarities is a type of witchcraft.

  11. The video is not wrong in the fact that we as blacks in America have a lot of mixed heritage. However, DNA is the difference that you can't get around. And the hair is a dead giveaway. Finally, the Bible says you shall be known by the curses….End of story.

  12. I think what some of us miss is that it was a world war upon Israelites and their supporters by other Israelites, Moors, and Everyone else. I could be wrong but that's my conclusion. I do know that we NEVER lost contact with our family around the world and that only our Power through Ruach of our Mother can straighten it out. I love you all the same.

  13. I don't think that I can post a link, but in my most recent livestream on Native Amerindians (starting around 35 minutes in), I share info and evidence on the Natives being referenced and categorized as being Hittite descendants of Siberia/Mongolia/Asia in books published before the 20th century.

  14. Canaanites are the seed of Ham (Africans) Noah cursed his son ham!

    Genesis 9:18 | View whole chapter | See verse in context
    And the sons of Noah, that went forth of the ark, were Shem, and Ham, and Japheth: and Ham is the father of Canaan.

    Genesis 9

    25 And he said, Cursed be Canaan; a servant of servants shall he be unto his brethren.
    26 And he said, Blessed be the LORD God of Shem; and Canaan shall be his servant.

    1 Chronicles 1:8
    “The sons of Ham; Cush, and Mizraim, Put, and Canaan.”

  15. Haitian TAINO INDIAN!!😂🤣😬I’m from Haiti and one thing I no, not talking for all Haitian, but we KNOW where we came from. AFRIKA!!! Haitian people sing and dance about their roots from Afrika.

  16. Just because they look alike is not enough it goes by the blood you don’t know true American Black History you don’t understand tribes and family. The people you are comparing are to different tribes of native people

  17. It is now known that most slaves who came to and in the case of American slaves came thought the Caribbean, came from a place called Kromanti a coastal town in Ghana. The Kromanti are part of the Akan people in Ghana, and there is my roots : my people are bushinenge .

    Ndyuka /ənˈdʒuːkə/, also called Aukan, Okanisi, Ndyuka tongo, Aukaans, Businenge Tongo (considered by some to be pejorative), Eastern Maroon Creole, or Nenge is a creole language of Suriname and French Guiana, spoken by the Ndyuka people. The speakers are one of six Maroon peoples (formerly called "Bush Negroes") in the Republic of Suriname and one of the Maroon peoples in French Guiana. Most of the 25 to 30 thousand speakers live in the interior of the country, which is a part of the country covered with tropical rainforests. Ethnologue lists two related languages under the name Ndyuka, the other being a dialect of Lutos.

    Thanks to you, I know and understand better my roots where my ancestors come from.

    There is still work to be done but I intend to get there with the help of the Most High

  18. Hahaha! African americans are Africans. No beating around the bush. Even those they claim to be black natives,aboriginal Indians( hahaha) came from Africa. Grand Canyon, anyone?????!!!! Judah, time for vexing Ephraim with your denial and insults is over. We are one.

  19. Maybe he could be on to something wit if they used these particular DNA to make the so call doppelganger ijs there is no coincidences what of that is how the dragged out the DNA and those particular stars or celebrities were bread or choosen due to their connection to these blood lines 🤔

  20. I find it sad that the moderators of TCA's channel blocked me in the live chat because I said that TCA AND DANE CALLOWAY does not know ALL TRUTH. I meant that because everyone is relying on information from so-called White people of the past and no matter what you subscribe to, you all fail to see the connection between the Hebrew, the Indigenous American (the so-called Negro, not the so-called Mongoloid; two types of Indian in the Americas before colonization), the African (the few of Hebrew blood; not every African is of Shem), the Moor, the Islamic, the so-called Black European, etc. We are all one people who are SCATTERED all over the world. This could have very well happened via MIGRATION before colonization. And yes, the Transatlantic Slave Trade may not have occurred as we were taught primarily if the Bible had been edited to paint a certain narrative. Editing scripture, whitewashing biblical characters, historical figures, and paintings of certain events without actual pictorial and physical proof of ships is all part of WHITE SUPREMACY… MAKING IT SEEM AS IF THEY WERE AND ARE SUPERIOR WHEN THEY NEVER WERE TO BEGIN WITH. INDOCTRINATION GOES THROUGH THE CHILDREN FIRST AND WE ARE DESCENDANTS OF THOSE CHILDREN. THEY CAN AND DID PAINT WHATEVER NARRATIVE THEY SO DESIRED BUT THEY DIDN'T COVER UP ALL TRUTH.


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