Sound speech, that cannot be condemned; that he that is of the contrary part may be ashamed, having no evil thing to say of you. Titus 2:8

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  1. Help me to understand this, please someone speak to this for me. When slaves were being gathered. Was a survey taken to determine which Tribe was who? Did the gather up the Slaves by their tribe and then determine because of their Tribe. The destination to where to were being transported to?

  2. Genesis 4:26 Genesis 11:1 Genesis 11:9.
    All people were One after the Flood and before the floods. All called on and Knew the Name of our Elohim. They all Spoke One Language which would have been Hebrew because that is the Only Language they would have spoken because they would have only spoken that language from the One the learned it from. Our Elohim!! The Earth was all One land Mass. the First Ship ever mentioned was the Ark. After the disobedience at the Tower of Babel. Men separated only in Tongues, not in understanding of who the Elohim was. Belief and culture of our Elohim still would have remained. Only the communication would differ in men. That is why you will find Fragments or symbols of Hebraic/Hebrew writings all over the World. The Languages only changed due to the inception or seed of the tongue of the Fallen ones. Which is a unknown tongue or language of the fallen ones. Hebrew tongue is the only Pure Language and Tongue of our Elohim.

  3. My last comment. It’s ok to be intelligent or have intelligence. But when intelligence sometimes gets in the way of Common Sense. You’re intelligence isn’t worth dung.

    If you are who your father is. Then no way can the Mexican be Israelites. Why? Because the indigenous people of the land were conquered by whom? Spaniards. So even if you believe they were, they are no longer Israelites. And if you are saying the places where the Israelites (are they the indigenous people)migrated (North America, South America, Central America, and Canada) then why do they not consider all of the United States Israelites nations too? Obviously because they are aware the United States was colonized by other people here. But they don’t make that same distinction when they talk about Latin American Countries. Lastly, when it comes to 2nd Ezra, Ezra was given the interpretation of a vision. Not a prophecy!!! In that vision of the 10 Tribes crossing the Euphrates, it is said, AND I WILL STATE THIS AGAIN!! They? Being the Northern Kingdoms took this “Counsel AMONGST themselves to leave the Multitude of the Heathens”. TMH never told them to go and their are no prophecies saying he told them to go or any mention of it from other prophets. Where are the prophecies leading up to them leaving prophesying they will do this. Where are the Prophecies pertaining to after they arrived here? TMH who in all his infinite Wisdom has foretold us through the prophets all things that will take place. Somehow conveniently forgot to prophesy before Ezra revelation of the vision what would take place. But felled to mention this along with all the other prophecies concerning over and over Israel?🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  4. He we go , now he had to call the man and asshole, the 12 tribes chart is false. We know this. The chart was used to draw-in other races for monetary gain. You shouldn't have wasted your time TMH YAHUAH through HIS son YASHUA will sort this nonsense out. All PRAISES!!!

  5. The chart is false and you handle yourself well. That dude was so annoying and was trying to cause an argument. Satan hates when the truth comes out. & also he was the emotional one 😂

  6. TCA I have a new found respect for you for your patience with dealing with that nonsense. But plz don't ever try to have a discussion or debate with these brothers ever again. They was just arguing with you on every single point for no reason. If I didn't know any better I would say that was their strategy. All the interruptions and the disrespect calling you out your name was ridiculous. If I was new to your channel I would of thought this is all your channel was about like some others. I had to watch this in 3 segments cause after awhile I got tired of the interruptions and the dominating of conversation. Don't stop what you doing been watching you for awhile now and keep up the good work. Shalom.

  7. They keep reporting that the Hispanics and Natives were shipped to Africa before we were shipped 🚢 to the nation's. Fine, however in all of Africa there is no trace of their languages, their ancestors, customs, haplogroups or DNA. There is absolutely no African history of those people having spent time in Africa as Slaves or otherwise. We are the ones with all the evidence, not them. These people are Satanic slick lie telling Devils. The second he got defensive and called you a a$$hole, I knew it was a wrap. He told on himself. Period.

  8. British sarcasm is almost undetectable the repeating of the snake god had me cracking up it's like you gave the brother the rope to hang himself the Serbian Dragon/Man reference was very subtle.

  9. Ezra 13 wasn’t a prophecy. Context. It is not speaking about an Event that is going to take place. Henceforth, prophecy! But an event that took place. If the event being explained by the Angel was explained in past tense. It is not a prophecy any longer. They are stating an event that has occurred.

  10. If we’re scattered throughout the four corners of the earth, why does this chart only show the Western Hemisphere? Makes no sense at all. Plus only Judah went into captivity if I’m not mistaken. I believe Levi & Benjamin also. What about the brethren in the UK like TCA? Makes no sense.

  11. I want to Apologize to my bro TCA. When the broadcast aired. I was in out of the conversation due to being at work. So at times when I had to jump in. I was very critical in how things were being played out. Not hearing things in its entirety and completion, I rushed to your defense and to judgment. For that I am Sorry! With that being said and listening to all of it in its entirety. You did wonderful in how you carried yourself and stayed poised under fire. You ended everything properly, intelligently, and with dignity. Much respect for you. I will also like to note, with regards to the Brother’s last question to where is the North being defined as. It’s relative. North can only be defined by the area to which someone is located. If he believes the North is the USA, that would mean even in his argument that the people he believes are the Northern Tribes are not in the North and would have to travel North to even be gathered with those who he believes are In the North he presumes are the Southern Kingdoms. If TMH. Is saying get out of her my people, and that same call goes out to those who listen to our Mashiach before 70AD. North could be anywhere. Even in parts of Africa. It’s presumptuous to just believe or assume it’s the USA.

  12. @ around 1:45 minutes he tries to sound logical and or smart by explaining away why certain Indians look more Asiatic or mongoloid is because ancient Israelites were breeding with Persians and syrians? The most high forbid us to mix with other nations and in the Book of Numbers when they were preparing their pedigrees they were all Hebrews , did it not say if breed back into Hebrew for three generations or more you breed out the other DNA by Returning To mating with your own kind. This guy just said if he was black and went and went to Filipino and had children with a Filipino woman thousands of years later the children will look different yes they would look different because they did not breed back into black they bred back into Filipino so the black has been bred out , it wasn't popular to be black and or really really dark that's why most nations Chose to breed amongst themselves or with lighter SKINNED malatos & Chinos Read Asian Slave's in colonial mexico How Chino Slave's became Indians It's good information in there

  13. My issue with all of this is that if black people do not have primate DNA and all other races do, so how are these all the same people or of the same tribe everybody keeps ignoring this fact which is a hump to get over because obviously two different species of people.
    If your claiming Israel status this has to be addressed why are there at least two different species of people?

  14. The argument at the end about the two kingdoms dwelling together to support the native americans and hispanics, does not make sense. Why? Because people migrate from allover Africa all the time to come to America. So there are blacks from the Northern Kingdom here. We do vex each other because we act like we're not the same people when clearly we are.
    So keep on pushing brother TCA.

  15. I want to ask all Black Americans; Who sold you? Where did you come from? Went Joesph was sold to Egypt he didn't sit there and claim “I am Israel itself” then he sees an Egyptian getting flogged and he says “oh this Egyptian is an Israelite too!! All my brothers are devils” lol no, he left 11 brothers at home that were equally Isrralites. So where did you come from? Who sold you? If you are an Israelite, then you still have family back home that are Israelites too… Or where then did you guys appear from? Lol this makes no logical sense… Think about it! If your mom had you and you got taken and sold, are you not still your mothers son?…

  16. Greetings brother,
    Great piece, I think there is a need to investigate Negro as a term, which has its origin in Spain and Portugal for “Black”
    Negro was used a requirement instead of a “ Yudaous/ Judean. Peace and blessings

  17. TCA you should have asked Deacon and Guerilla what was the ancient language of Old or creation language??These camps are playing semantics they love other nation's women.

  18. The devil always mix lies with truth. There are Black Hebrews in all the places they use the 12 charts for but they have chosen the wrong people in that country to be the true people. That could be done here in the US with all the mixing of our people they could say the mixed raced that have continued to mix themselves with gentles are the true Jews. If we keep mixing with other nations in 50yrs that could happen. Yah will have the final word on the matter. Those that teach other nations are our people will be judged by him. If they wanted to they could have found true Israel in all those places. Maybe the women of those nations caught their eyes and they chose not to seek any farther. (for-her). I do my own research and have found the truth by the leading of the Holy Spirit. I know what you showed is true if others don’t receive it so be it. Israel as a nation never mixed their seed only a few did and they were told to put the women and the children away.

  19. The mental dysfunction is off the charts with our ppl. Notice how EVERY NATION on the planet has a similar appearance. But somehow we dont even have the capability of using that much common sense. Some of us still insist that the Children of one man looks like every and any body under the sun. Smh


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