Sound speech, that cannot be condemned; that he that is of the contrary part may be ashamed, having no evil thing to say of you. Titus 2:8

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  1. All praises to TMH for you to finally expose this for what it really is. ISUPK is like a cult of brotherhood that tries to justify their sin to seek out other women from various nations under the banner of polygamy. Yea pure lust…disgusting….also there was a thing not long ago with the vax they were promoting that Israelites should take it.. by Yah's grace, TCA keep up the good work 💯💯💯💥💥💥💥👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿 thank you

  2. If Mexicans are Ephraim, because they represent a "cake unturned", then, WHY aren't the Venezuelans and other CAULK-skinned Latinos Ephraim? …WHY does that ONLY apply with "mixed" Mexicans? ..lol & smh …What people need to, also, question with that chart is how CAULKASIANS would make up the MAJORITY of Israel, if we were to go by that chart, considering that a lot of those Latin American countries listed have been DILUTED of the more indigenous and melanated people of the Americas …Think about it: "Blacks" seem to only be listed under Judah, Levi, and Benjamin (or "Judah"); whereas, the NORTHERN TEN TRIBES would be, primarily, CAULKASIANS, considering how many of these Latinos have mostly CAULKASIAN DNA in them! (Check out the videos with them having DNA tests – I talked about this in a stream not that long ago). So, Blacks would make up the MINORITY of Israel, as is seen in the state of Israel, today! Plus, if Israel, or Judah were to be scattered among all nations ..HOW IS IT that the chart ONLY lists North & South American countries? ..and I, too, questioned Haiti, etc., being listed SEPARATELY from the West Indies, although it is part of the West Indies …lol & smh …and the whole thing w/ those "agents" debating with the Sa Neters & Brother Polites are, more than likely, staged (for misrepresentation & misinformation).

  3. The indians who the white people first encountered,in the 15th century where black indigineous ,people,in order to get to center of America
    you had to go through new york ,new england ,boston,,,,conneticut,,way before apatchie camachi and the rest of those mixed indians,so i dont want to hear about Geronimo,,talk about the Pequot,not the mix ones who won the law suit but the millions who was captured and slaved and taken to the caribbean and bermuda,,in order to conquer America they relocated the people and bought in new slaves from Africa via the caribbean, so yes i think the israelites was here way before slavery,and it is us over here who are from the lost tribe of israel the black house of israel,,,,but even though we born over here from you black you birth in Africa,,,,what the River nile is to Africa is the same as to what the missisippi is to America Amazon to South America and thats civilization

  4. The chart is a representation,of Noah:s seed,, we all know and read about Noah,made to look like the saviour of the world in the bible
    by saving all the animals,if god love Noah so much why not put him in the garden like how he took Noah:s brothers wifes son who was
    name Melchizedek who was taken into the garden of eden at the age of 7 to be protected from the flood, according to the book of Enoch
    The only way Noah seed can enter into his kingdom is through Melchizedek,,

  5. Why wouldn't Christopher Columbus know where the land of milk and honey was located if the navigation was written in the scrolls (hidden) all he needed was a compass and the Good Book did go into detail on cubics and so forth. Like how the Arc was made and how tall angels were ect.

    The Israelites walked 40yrs don't you think that's enough time to get to the America? Joshua/Yahusha scoped it out before they entered it.

    How was Moses able to see the land before he died but was not able to cross over into it, he had to be pretty close to look at the landscape or am I wrong?.

  6. Its one thing to do this out of ignorance…….but a whole different matter when done knowingly. The problem with us men sometimes is that we think with the wrong head. Besides what is wrong with the beautiful melanated women we have? I have my black Queen. I wouldn't trade her for any other woman nor for any riches in the world.

    Excellent video as always TCA. Shalom

  7. My Brother TCA The Most High God is Using you Amazingly, this was Absolutely powerful True And Well done. I can't thank you enough I have learned so much through your channel. Thank You my Brother for teaching the truth

  8. Thank you Brother TCA for combining the clips of my favorite teachers Watchman, Yehudah Ben Isaiah, Seed of Israel and my little brother, Shamar Yahudah. And thank you for adding my Burn Baby Burn 🔥 meme in there 😎

  9. I always find it fascinating that people are still ignoring the Southern part of Africa(Angola, Namibia, Botswana, South Africa, Lesotho & Swaziland) to this day. Wonder why?

  10. Thank you for finally getting into this info. I've been trying to tell camps this stuff for years. In a way it's helps me weed out the people that are stuck on stupid.

  11. In the book by Bartolome De La Casa titled A short account of the destruction of the Indies addresses the horrors and the same inhumane treatment being sold and separated burned alive we suffered as they suffered in the 1400-1500s after they killed mostly all the indigenous ppl they turned to Africa for new victims. Broken Spears is another book that details the accounts of the Spaniards coming to 4th part killing stealing gold, land and humans just like it reads in Rev 6:8 the only 4th part is the “New World” Americas

  12. Who of you, can say where your blood drop? Can anyone of you gainsayers say exactly who your father is, who his father is, who his father father's father is with any certainty. Paternity court says you can't. So the reason you are using does not make sense about these leaders pushing this chart because of the wives being of the other nations. What I do know is that the enemy will use our people to drive that wedge between us to stop us from becoming that nation. God's angels will do the separating of the tears from the Wheat not any of you. Some of you are speaking from jealousy, some from pure self hatred and others from another spirit. What you all should be doing is repenting and rebuking your brothers and sisters to turn them to the truth in Christ, the word of the Most High, the only living God. If you are not with us (God) then you are against us. No grey area, only black or white, life or death. I hope you choose life as proclaimed by Moses.

  13. Those on the street preaching should be humble if they want people to listen. I would not listen to anyone who ridicules me. There is so much mixing, I don't know how you differentiate the tribes without doing their haplotype.

  14. Isaiah 11:12 And he shall set up an aensign for the nations, and shall assemble the outcasts of Israel, and gather together the dispersed of Judah from the four corners of the earth.


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