12 Tribes IBRI / Hebrew Calendar 2018 with Feast Days & set apart days! Very Educational

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  1. Thanks so much for this…I had mentioned to my husband that we needed to learn more about the feast days and how to properly worship on the Sabbath. This calendar will be a tremendous asset.

  2. 1799 plus shipping and handling about $7 more for calendar come on ……….. no right ……. 😔😔😔

  3. What if we have to work during the feast of unleavened bread or the feast of tabernacles or any of these days especially the ones that are seven and eight days in duration someone plz tell me

  4. i am so frustrated with every body with all these different calenders which is the right one that our creator wants us to follow i am not intrested in your madalion. with all respect i wanted to see if your calender matchthe one i have but you didnt show it all the way down to the 7th month which is the month of atonement your callenderis the same as the one i have i brought for 99p iam in the U.K

  5. Shalom. Brother :Watchman

    I thank The Most High first for giving me the opportunity to send or post on this that we battle with. We are grateful for all your teachings on Youtube we are in Johannesburg, South Africa in a small place called Reiger Park. We are also blessed to be in this wonderful calling of Hebrew Israelites.

    We therefore ask you for assistance on the road ahead. Below you will find our questions on the matter at hand

    1. Baptising?
    {The how to do it and who to do it}
    2. Mirage?
    { The how to do it and who to do it}

    Please assist us on this brother and we trust that you will come back to us with an answer.

    We greet you in the Name of Yah and Yahawashi,


    Ashton, Keenan, Royston & Doulen.

  6. Hello! I am very newly wakened. I would like to order 2019 calendar! I followed the link, ordering 2018…its so late in the year, but ordering isn't a loss since its the first you guys made. Historical!

  7. I believe in YAH. NO MATTER WHAT YEAR IT'S ALWAYS THE SAME DAYS……PASSOVER is on the fouthteenth of the month of Abib.. If u want people to know the truth then please tell them YAHS truth not what seems right to u.
    Many Blessings all to u
    Always to TMH

  8. I just bought mine now by re watching your video for 2019 started with 2019 I'm collecting all my calendars for educational study for my reference

  9. And i bought some 2 Giant Bible Dictionary from another site to add to my Hebrew/ Rauch Study of Yah my Rauch how to get deep in Yah

  10. I re Watch your videos for Educational and line everything up with the Rauch you like a book and at the end of the book I check your resources, references I go behind it and do my research you helping me out by adding more to my Rauch who's inside me

  11. Hello
    Yah bless
    Thanks for sharing your wisdom
    Question.. I’m trying to overstand Yahs calendar

    The Hebrew calendar months names, you named them after the twelve sons of Jacob. Something nice you just thought of? Are these the official calendar month names?

  12. the first month isn't January, now can the new year start in mid-winter?? it doesn't, the New Year starts when spring arrives in March 🌷


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