16-year-old demos Brain-Computer Interface to MIND-CONTROL someone else's arm | LIVE DEMO @IBM

Disclaimers in case wasn’t clear!:
– I did not invent this tech – I made a presentation on it to spread awareness on BCIs. For more technically challenging projects I built myself, check realmichaelye.com
– The arm-to-arm interface was used as an analogy for the Brain-Brain interface – the main focus of the presentation however is on the BrainNet research paper https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-019-41895-7

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  1. Hi Michael! I just got interested in BCIs after doing the TKS demo explore modules, and your presentation was phenomenal. It's certainly inspiring to see like-minded people do extremely well, and this proved to be a certain inspiration. I recently got accepted into TKS 2020-21 (the new virtual program, specifically), and I'm quite excited. I've connected with you via LinkedIn and hope that I can talk to you further!

  2. Hahaha its all funny on the youtube but if you ask someone who has been guinea pigged already and has had one installed and lived over a year with one implanted whilst they were knocked unconcsious, they would tell you it hurts so bad they are ready to kill themselves.

  3. Wasted-O453 Ahmad 1 second ago Heyyyy I just wanted to tell you that you and I are so alike but so different that it is uncomfy like I fuckin adore your channel seen every one of them but it some shit that Is difficult to understand. That your life seems pretty much perfect even doe you make youtube videos I know how it`s (sound design +" fuckin suck"); yeah but enough about you now I am 16 years and in college and I study computer science and neuroscience but i still got an insane time over and study coding language then what they teach. Up to this point, I have learned phyton and c# pretty much to intermedium and , HTML and js to intermediated beginner but yeah my life is almost falling apart my family hates me but i do all this for them and i shit you not i hate my life and i was at a bridge ready to jump last night and i drink a lot i cant keep control over my self and thanks to skin color i shit you not i was arrested for begin on the edge of a bridge. So yeah now I can say "my life sucked after I got caught attempting to take my life" so yeah i don't know how i will change my life but i am sure your video is gonna be help full in the future or hell hope they got youtube (sincerely Drunk Mark); And yeah here an attempt to make a game at c# when i am drunk using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; using System.Text; using System.Threading.Tasks; namespace Sten { class Program { static void Main(string[] args) { string inputPlayer; string inputCPU; //HAHA lol i go prrrr and inputCPU is a big bitch that littel mf hates everything i do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! int randomInt; bool playAgain = true; while (playAgain) { int scorePlayer = 0; int scoreCPU = 0; while (scorePlayer < 3 && scoreCPU < 3) { Console.Write("Choose between ROCK, PAPER and SCISSORS: "); inputPlayer = Console.ReadLine(); inputPlayer = inputPlayer.ToUpper(); Random rnd = new Random(); randomInt = rnd.Next(1, 4); switch (randomInt) { case 1: inputCPU = "ROCK"; Console.Write("computer chooses ROCK"); if (inputPlayer == "ROCK") { Console.WriteLine("Draw!!nn"); } else if (inputPlayer == "PAPER") { Console.WriteLine("PLAYER WINS!! nn"); scorePlayer++; } else if (inputPlayer == "PAPER") { Console.WriteLine("CPU WINS!! nn"); scoreCPU++; } break; case 2: inputCPU = "PAPER"; Console.WriteLine("Computer choose PAPER"); if (inputPlayer == "PAPER") { Console.WriteLine("Draw!!nn"); } else if (inputPlayer == "ROCK") { Console.WriteLine("CPU WINS!!nn"); scoreCPU++; } else if (inputPlayer == "SCISSORS") { Console.WriteLine("PLAYER WINS!!nn"); scorePlayer++; // i wanna die pls send help coordinates Latitude: 67.34856, Longitude: 67.42572 } break; case 3: inputCPU = "SCISSORS"; Console.WriteLine("Computer chose SCISSORS"); if (inputPlayer == "SCISSORS") { Console.WriteLine("DRAW!!nn"); } else if (inputPlayer == "ROCK") { Console.WriteLine("PLAYER WINS!!nn"); scorePlayer++; } else if (inputPlayer == "PAPER") { Console.WriteLine("CPU WINS!!nn"); scoreCPU++; } break; default: Console.WriteLine("Invalid entry!"); break; } Console.WriteLine("nnSCORES:tPLAYER:t{0}tCPU:t{1}", scorePlayer, scoreCPU); } if (scorePlayer == 3) { Console.WriteLine("Player WON!"); } else if (scoreCPU == 3) { Console.WriteLine("CPU WON!"); } else { } Console.WriteLine("Do you want to play again?(y/n)"); string loop = Console.ReadLine(); if (loop == "y") { playAgain = true; Console.Clear(); } else if (loop == "n") { playAgain = false; } else { } } } } }

    sorry :("help" ):

  4. Again the only thing he did was basically recreate the load of shit that the scientists did but on a smaller basically, unfunctional level using a fuckin brain interface he took from gitfuck and then called it his own fuckin "invention" maybe did not say it by implied it in a fuckin sadistic "smart boi way"

    Yeah, wait were are you now again?

  5. This is not good people,you are walking into a world where you can be controlled wirelessly! Do you really think this cant eventually be hacked even if the makers of the original concept didn't already have plans for their hive mind!

  6. I am really interested in your journey. Your communication skills are excellent, how did you improve them and in general how did you go about your personal development because I really need to do the same.

  7. This is very interesting technology
    In a few years this technology could hold great power and contrary to belief you don't have to be responsible with it. The line between right and wrong is non-existent and subjective. Also responsibility is subjective. You created this technology to help others but 1. Helping others is a waste of time 2. You could benefit much more from self use. This does have much potential but just make sure you don't restrict yourself due to opinions outside of your own.

  8. There is a very high chance that this sort of technology is blasphemy of the holy spirit. When you "program" my brain (especially without my consent) using your technology and then make oodles of money from it….you should be warned that Scripture has predicted this over 2000 years ago.

    You are referred to as Gog in Scripture (see Ezekiel 38/39).

    Computer-to-brain technology is blasphemy against the holy spirit – which God tells us will not be forgiven.
    I strongly recommend you dismantle all tech that is being covertly used for profit.
    If I don't warn you, I myself will not be forgiven. So consider this fair warning.

    Elon Musk should not be idolized for his technology. The wisdom of the world is folly to God.

    If you don't believe me, just read Ezekiel 39 then take a look at the California fires this year, 2020.

    Then ask yourselves, is it worth destroying ourselves and our land?

  9. What if a streamer bought this tech and implemented Twitch integration so the viewers would be able to control his arms while he/she plays games like Among Us, or simply as a Minecraft challenge?

  10. This is the equipment used – at least at the onset of their customized program – to torment targeted individuals. It has to be. How awful. Technology should never supercede HUMANITY.


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