1848: Europe’s Year of Revolutions

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This video tells the story of the European revolutions of 1848, one of the most dramatic and significant moments in the history of the continent. Hungry workers and peasants joined forces with liberals and nationalists, and in a series of tumultuous events, toppled the French monarchy, and forced reforms across Italy, Germany, and the Austrian Empire. But the revolutionaries were divided between middle class liberals seeking limited reforms, and radicals and workers who wanted sweeping change. As they argued over political and economic reform, counter-revolutionary forces recovered their confidence, and gathered their strength for a brutal onslaught against Europe’s revolutionaries.

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  1. I hope you enjoy the new video! Quite a lot going on in 1848 – I count 4 abdications, 4 wars, and somewhere around 20 revolutions. And don't blame me if you end up humming the Radetzky March for the rest of the day! Thanks to Skillshare for sponsoring the video – first 1,000 to use this link get a 1 month free trial https://skl.sh/epichistorytv05221
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  2. I imagin Napoleon giga troll face in the coffin in 1848

    Also, thanks for these video. Literally I get appassioned to every topic you touch. Thanks for your outstanding works

  3. You can stomp the Napoleonic empire but you can't exactly put the liberal genie back in the bottle. Liberalism was coming whether they wanted it or not. And now it seems that's the world we live in where even most of the most autocratic countries on earth have to PRETEND to be republics.

  4. Best channel on Youtube I've been here since the very 1st video and I'm still here today , anytime I see a notification from Epic History I just click! Much love & respect to Charles Kove and Epic History TV 💯

  5. A huge round of applause to Toby for a great insight into this overlooked revolution, often overshadowed by its earlier counterparts. 👏

  6. I’ve been so excited for this. Epic History TV covering more “modern” history is always exciting.

  7. 3:25 "Galician Peasants Revolt" 1846
    it sounds nice untill you heard about more popular name of it "Galician slaughter"

    it wasn't move towards liberty movement but uprising artificially designed by Austrians in the goal to remove Polish class nobility, and take their land.
    edit: peasants were only the tool.

  8. I wonder what would happen if Germany are united in 1848 through Liberal reform instead of Bismarck's Conservative " Iron and Blood", hmm, one thing for sure is that history would be quite different

  9. 1:25 also in the Eastern Galicia (to the east of the Syan river) were Ukrainian nationalists, mostly from the Union Church with especially high popularity in the rural areas. Ukrainians will too enter the Galician Seym and Reichstag

  10. this is a very refreshing video considering I really havent been watching epic history in a while now a good welcome back

  11. Epic and great video with exceptional quality as usual. I have been reading the book “1848: Year of Revolution” written by Michael Rapport and I find this video very helpful for me to watch when reading the book for better understanding of the Revolutions of 1848.

  12. @epic history tv is so good, he could make IKEA instructions fascinating to listen to. Long love the Iron Channel!

  13. Oh neat. History Matters last week did a video on why the UK didn't have a revolution in 1848 as well. Great timing

  14. Their is something electrifying about people taking power….

    A Revolution is something almost sacred as is a colection of people dreams and hopes.

  15. Thank you for this, I’ve been doing research on this topic for a few months but I have only been able to cover the French, so this will be a great foundation!

  16. Absolutely amazing you’ve made my day your videos keep on getting amazing and while we’re on the topic of revolutions could you do a video on the series of wars and revolution in Latin America which resulted in the independence of those nations or you could do a video on Africa which I would love to see

  17. Ban Jelačić is a national hero his statue in all its glory still stands today in our Capital at one most imporatant squares in the country

  18. A brilliant video on a brilliant, albeit overlooked, time of history. Vive la révolution!

  19. Fact: The creator of italian national anthem was a revolutionary who died in Rome killed by the french at the age of 21

  20. Just a few corrections about Italy:
    1) Carlo Alberto abdicated in favour of his son Vittorio Emanuele II (the number holds a significance, because it didn't change when he was proclaimed king of Italy, thus giving the impression that the unification of the peninsula had just been the expansion of Piedmontese domain… this is of course a complex topic, one that cannot be summarised in a comment)
    2) Italy was officially unified on 17th March 1861 after the Second war of Indipendence, not in 1871 as displayed in the video

  21. Nice video once again. It makes me smile that every time countries like Hungary wanted freedom and liberal reforms, they were crushed – sometimes by the same states that today condemn them for not being liberal enough (while others passively watched because they had no interest in the region). In this world, only national interests matter, everything else is just theater for the ignorant public.


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