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A total of 193 members of the United nations General Assembly (UNGA) will vote today on a resolution that require the five permanent members of the body’s Security Council – the United States, United Kingdom, France, China and Russia to justify invoking their veto powers.

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Comment (41)

  1. Boomerang effect. If the Assembly votes for the lift of embargo against Cuba, US will cry and will not obey

  2. The UN is an organization that's furnishes
    make work high paying jobs for diplomatic
    dilletants. They talk for days, cash their checks and start talking again. The UN let
    millions die in Rawanda and they talked
    and talked and had dinner parties and they
    all smile while people die. The UN has outlived it's usefulness. They travel all over
    the world spending people's dollars that
    are paying taxes to support these dilletants.

  3. Double edged sword for the Americans. This suits them now when dealing with Russia but leaves America exposed when attempting to protect Israel as the US routinely vetoes resolutions, and are the only country on the UNSC that does so. Where China and Russia does not benefit from the resolution today, in the long run it strips the US of the over arching power it exhibits to protect Israel.

  4. They need some time to divert the public attention .. whenever there is talk of reforms in how UN functions discussions are done, reports are published on human rights for other non western countries etc and then back to business … UNSC is another avatar of colonial rulers and legitimising their interests

  5. seems strange that a permanent member of the UN Security Council could invade another sovereign nation and still maintain their position on the UN Security Council…just saying

  6. Como he dicho siempre, otro instrumento de Estados Unidos, la ONU, siendo usada para llevar a cabo los intereses de Estados Unidos. Eso es.

  7. This vote comes way too late for the people in Palestine, and even if it’s passed the US will still find a way to defend the israelis

  8. After the war ends surely the donbas region will fall into the hands of russia, This is their goal since day one.

  9. This measure regards only to Russia real talk,US will lobby to drag those small country for their intersest🤣🤣🤣

  10. VETO power = Misuse of power

    VETO 👇
    V iolation
    O f
    T rust &
    O bservations

    -Why VETO is needed in 2022 🤔
    -Why only 5 nations to decide the importance of issue 😇
    -Why other non VETO equipped countries are being treated like helpless puppets🤯

  11. Sociopath Putin "justified" Russia's instrumental aggression against Ukraine to UN Secretary General today. Like much UN action, I am not sure what, if anything, this accomplishes on the ground.

  12. The number of security council with veto power should be even and the General assembly would determine the outcome.

  13. I wonder what type of this type council I have never hear this council talking any war crime did by US against any nation (Syria is invade to pressure the passage of oil pipe from Qatar but the council keep quit, Iraq with Forced justification they kills hundred thousand, Libya using pro American Puppets riots to kill people and ruin everything, Afghanistan they kill hundred thousand for halloween, etc but now they are asking to discuss issue over Ukraine. What is the purpose of this council I don't know why!?? is it there to defend the Us and NATO interest? Mind you that it's not fair at all there also 3rd world countries that still needs to survive peacefully

  14. One wonders who elected the permanent, veto-carrying nations of the security council. Did they appoint themselves?

  15. that is a small trick by West…since there are lot of small countries with puppet governments, they would always vote in favour of any thing West would Veto, but they could be easiely forced to voe against Russia & China…so russia and china would lose their Veto-Option, while West still could easiely Veto decisions..Coutnries with huge population like China & India would have a single vote but lot of small pro western puppet governments in countries like UAE, Kuwait, Panama, Taiwan, Israel, Luxemburg, etc would also have each one Vote and always Vote in favor of USA… If you want to reform, than completly remove any type of VETO, but not a reform in favour of WEST

  16. Permanent members veto must be disappear for ever all countries in this world must have the same rights. If the five permanent members insist I will ask all the countries leave this clown council.

  17. So lets look at this with taking a step back.
    There are five vegetables on a plate. 3 of them have big green leaves and tqo of them are red colored roots. One root colors to pink an adjesent root that has recently sprang out leaves. And the leaves cant rap arround the pink root so they want more vegetables to come on to the plate. The leaves select the a celary that has been wraped in leaves two times and has 0 roota left and the other one is a grass that is literaly being protected bt the leaves. And they all want to say that it is wrong to have red thick roots.

  18. In my opinion China is the most undesirable country of the world and must throw Outta veto power status as early as possible.

  19. This is just another attempt at the US controlling everything even more, cause all its European colonies will follow whatever it says

  20. The Americans and their boot licking buddies will eventually to vote for America to rule their countries more directly. Oh, wait a minute, that’s already happened 🤔

  21. Russia greatest mistake was not to Veto NATOs invasion of Libya. This is another proof that NATO wishes to erase Russia.


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