1974 Eugenics Debate: Dr. Frances Cress Welsing vs William Shockley

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At the beginning of the 1974 TV debate with Shockley, Welsing says that she developed the Cress theory better to understand the racist behaviour of white people towards people of colour. … Brown later indicated that Welsing was the clear winner of the debate and that afterwards “Dr Shockley went back into oblivion.”

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  1. This fool has the audacity and the very prime example of arrogance and non intelligence he can not stand on argument of white supremecy and proves they are embarassment to the human race by talking rubbish.

  2. I'm sure Dr.Shockley shat his pants when he passed and saw the most high when he found out our creator is black.. I bet he now regrets all of his racist rhetoric.., I must say in my opinion he looked like he was shocked by Dr.FCW 's intellect the fact she is black AND a woman, and u can tell he was extremely captivated by her beauty.. Maybe I'm wrong but that's what I gathered…… plus he looks like he says ni**ger alot..
    But she annihilated him ✊🏽❤🇲🇼👏🏽🇵🇷💯🔱

  3. Amazing. Welsing discusses how whites behave aggressively against non whites and yet by the time of this debate both the US and the EU were allowing large numbers of non whites into their respective nations. Never heard Welsing explain why that was occurring. Maybe someone reading this comment can explain why thousands of non whites continue to migrate to traditionally white nations?


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