2020++ – A Cyberpunk 2020 2E Game – Episode 11 – Part 1

Skip Introductions: 50:30

Presented by APGamingREAL, 2020++ is a Cyberpunk 2020 2E game set in 2021 in Redline City. A Science Fiction Cyber Adventure in an urban environment, filled with paranoia. Play hard, play fast, and stay on the edge of society. Our team will engage in blackmail operations on behalf of a budding Megacorp:
Drumurboy as Medtech “Coltan Bonez”
Glimo as Fixer “Pascal Jordan”
Henley as Covert Ops “Wolfgang Roth”
Grimdarkjames as Solo “Marcus Bishop”
APGamingREAL as the Referee


2020++ is the spiritual successor of Die Party Night City

#Cyberpunk #Cyberpunk2020

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