28:19 RTB 101: What Are the Biggest Faith Challenges on the Horizon?

RTB 101: What Are the Biggest Faith Challenges on the Horizon?
Withbiochemist Fazale RanaDig Deeper: https://www.reasons.org/explore/blogs/reflections/read/reflections/2014/04/22/transhumanism-a-secular-technological-vision-of-future-things

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Comment (2)

  1. I am noticing that in 2020 atheists are now doing their best to claim that Moses was a fictional character and that the Hebrew people were never slaves in Egypt, and deny the parting of the Red Sea. 

    It seems that atheists are now only writing a single paragraph that in summary says: “There is no God.”

    Then, these people switch the subject and do their best to convince others that Biblical stories were stolen from Sumerian and other cultures. They criticize and try to present their personal convictions to be the absolute truth, in regards to the claim that major biblical characters are not real. 

    This aggressive tactic from atheists to deny the existence of Biblical characters is now their main argument for cleaning that the God of the Bible is a “fairy tale” and we delivers in Jesus Christ may not realize it, but non-believers that woodier if God of the Bible is real are being targeted and told that historical evidence for Biblical characters and Biblical events does not exist, and this ultimately allows for atheists to lead people away from accepting Jesus Christ as their personal savior, because they are told that historical evidence for the existence of Jesus Christ cannot be found. 

    I hope that Reasons to Believe will consider adding historical evidence and discuss topics about the existence of Biblical characters and events alongside with their ministry. 

    Because many atheists are no longer trying present scientific evidence for their reasoning for not believing in a Divine Creator, they are now focused on denying that Biblical characters and Biblical events are not historic, and they are becoming nastier in their attempt to present their own personal conviction as absolute truth, to anyone that would disagree with them.


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