3 Day of Fasting for the Ruach Ha Qodesh and the gifts of the Spirit

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  1. Thank you!!! As I have missed the other ones I will set mi alarm and let nothing stop me. Praises to the Father Yahuah HalleluYah!!!

  2. I have a question hope you can answer. Abraham had Ismael with Habor, a Egyption woman. Why was that OK with YHWH but the covant with Isaac included not to have inter(nation) relations? Praise Yah.

  3. Yes familie I started a 7 day fast last wednesday, bidding the Most High to cure this claucoma eye disease. I sure can use a little prayer shalom all.

  4. I stand with you family during this fast. FYI there is also a fast going on via Hebrew Nation Building that is for the waking up of Yaakov. Shalom

  5. Good to know that I'm not alone in this Walk. Never fasted for 3 days. I'm just about on day two now. I Kan do All this through the with the YAHUSHA HAMASHIACH WHICH STRENGTHS ME. Halleluyah!!


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