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Comment (21)

  1. I can't wait because I think The Most High is telling me not use those powders any more. I haven't use it since last week. So if this is confirmation, I'll definitely leave it all together.

  2. I'm 5'11" at about 170. My metabolism is still high at 44 yrs making me very slim. What should I use to put on muscle? I've thought about switching to mass gainer but am not sure.

  3. What about those who have had gastric bypass surgery? Men are supposed to have 100 grams of protein each day and women 60 grams a day . With the surgery you can't eat 100 grams of protein filled food per day because the stomach is so small . So the protein powder is the easy supplement that breaks down quickly to help support the body . So do you still stand on your view?

  4. I would love to come to one of your conferences!! It would be a great experience for me and my family. I actually follow you on Facebook and I have been posting you videos about the G-Bombs. Please post your next event so that we can take a road trip to come hear you speak in person 🤗💯

  5. Can you help me I been praying and trying 2 lose weight but I'm having a hard time doing it, I'm a breast cancer survivor 9 years now thank God, I stress eat or just eat I really want 2 do it I need 2 but lately I been feeling sorry for myself, now I got the flu back on meds again I'm frustrated because every time I think I'm in this place well okay I'm going to do it then I get push back then I just say forget it but please can you tell me what to do thank you

  6. Everyone need to understand these vitamins, protein, supplements is for the other people, NOT US! With mothers breast milk, we have our nutrients from the start. Eat right, those that walk in the way of Our Creator, eat that which he commands us. Those supplements are for those that cannot stand in the Sun, suffer from bad genetics. Not Us.


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