4 Reasons To STOP Eating FRENCH FRIES

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Comment (28)

  1. My body is a Temple and therefore I am a Vegan. I thank Yah to continue to work in me. I am very Healthy! Thank you Brother in Spirit. Continue to open People's eyes!! ~Blessings

  2. thank you brother nathaniel may the most high yah continue to allow you to reach as many who will listen and want to live healthy and happy i appreciate all your information stay blessed brother

  3. Store bought French fries and fast food French fries are very toxic. But if you make your own then that’s a different story. Make your own using grapseed or Avocado oil. And limit your consumption. Or you can just drizzle the oil on the potatoes and bake them.

  4. If I cut my own potatoes and use my own oil and salt I should be good.
    Moderation is whats needed.
    That air fryer is good though. I say do et yourself. I also heard salt
    is good for the body. This is the information age so hopefully we can
    sift through whats correct, but dont get anything from other places
    and you dont know what they do to make et taste good.

  5. Man you killing me but at the same time giving me so much life with these lessons. How bout baked French fries? I want to eat right but man its hard when you're on your own.

  6. I’m vegan, most of my meals are a green (spinach, kale, carrot) smoothie for breakfast, a fresh fruit smoothie for lunch, and a vegan wholesome meal for dinner.

  7. Greetings Iyah, it's hard for mi to understand dat most people will not eat healthy, seen. It seems to mi dat what ya put into ya body is about de only thing wi can control in this life, at dis time, seen.

  8. Thank you about what you do, i thank what the problem is they are a little expense, know our temple is more important , no disrespect, you are doing a great great job.

  9. It's hard to receive the message when you are seemingly angrily shouting at your audience. Great advice No Doubt delivery not so good

  10. I fell out 2 yrs ago.i woke up 2 days later in hospital bed. I listen to you and change .to you and the most high . Greens way to go.

  11. All protein causes acidosis.. causing mutated cells! What the evil allopathic industry call cancer! B

  12. China study 20 year study with several American Colleges and China medical experts.. milk is extremely bad for you! So is meat, eggs and grain.. wake up or be backed up interstitially.. backed up lymph system.. howling can you live in your house with a backed up sewer system if you continued to use it? That’s your bodies sewer system.. the lymph system and the kidneys.. everyone that eats a standard acidifying diet.. most of the world will end up dead after losing all their money to the allopathic health killing system!!

  13. Consuming 1500-2000 mg of sodium a day wow. McDonalds small Fries has 160mg, a Big Mac has 940mg. Half of the daily intake of sodium in one meal. McDonalds Egg & Cheese McMuffin has 780 mg. One Taco Bell Bean Burrito has 1,042mg. Even a Del Taco 8 Layer Veggie Burrito has 1310 mg.


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