48 million People could go without water: Lake Mead Drying Up 2022

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Comment (20)

  1. it's hot here in Tennessee, we had rain yesterday . l try to get 2 cases of water twice a week when I'm out and about

  2. I was at lake Mead a little over a year ago, youncould see how low the water was from previous years. But now drying/dried out? Wow!!

  3. HalaluYah. Todah Watchman. May Abba Yah put his covering and protection around Mishpaha. Repent daily.

  4. Wow! Prophecies are Unfolding right before our eyes! I pray for Father Yah Protection and for all of His Children in YAHUSHA Name. I am standing on His Word (Psalm 91). Halleluyah!!!

  5. Yall might need to get another mic sound like yall in a tunnel. Great message though 👏🏿 👊🏾🔥🔥

  6. Where is the love of this God yall talk about seems like all he does is punish people and kill by the millions….How can u praise someone like this

  7. What's awesome about this scripture is that a couple years ago I had a dream that I was up at 3am and the sun was out and about. Sheesh it's getting closer and closer family stay prayed up!!!

  8. Shabbat Shalom Watchman Yahu, thank you, for the commentary and most of all thank you for the payer of protection.


  9. I just got news about the water 💧 good thing I took heed yes it's happening

    'We are 50/50 right now': North Texas city at risk of running out of water, officials say
    Residents of Gunter in Grayson County are being asked to stop all outdoor watering and limit indoor usage.

    Author: WFAA Staff, Demond Fernandez
    Published: 6:30 PM CDT July 28, 2022
    Updated: 6:30 PM CDT July 28, 2022


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