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Sound speech, that cannot be condemned; that he that is of the contrary part may be ashamed, having no evil thing to say of you. Titus 2:8

Let your speech be alway with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man. Col 4:6

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  1. @2.00:00
    I always thought leviathan was used to feed (manna) those who left eygpt and was in wilderness being led by moses. That how I understood Psalm 74, but of lately im thinking this leviathan is to feed the ones that are warned/watching the times to flee when they see the abomination. To flee to wilderness where they'll be kept. Example Isaiah 43 & Revelation 12.

    @2.17:48 Psalm 91:1-11, Hosea 2:14-20

  2. I just subscribed to the this channel maybe a week ago and haven't watched all your videos but I have one question how can I get some of the books you are referring to. I'm in Dallas, Texas and I need to get my hands on the books your reading Please ijs…

  3. 666 means they are all connected with the beast system along with the secret societies and different hand gestures and also all the different apps its all about mind control to have people like zombies and they know if they can get in the mind the body will follow smh just look at people in the world today esp with the celebrities monkey see monkey do (no offense old saying) look at the world today mind controlled let me know what you all think thats just my opinion

  4. Very interesting and informative, confirming what I've been studying with a few treasures added regarding the mark of the beast. The teaching on Behemoth and Leviathan. Didn't give it much thought until now. Thanks TCA for sharing and may the Most High Yah continue to use you as a instrument to wake up His people from slumberland!!

    And yes…. the man your referring to is Barry Smith and not Barry White. He taught a lot on this subject matter but was he right?🤔
    He concentrated mainly on the mark and not the man!!

  5. Thanks to TCAs hard work I’m noticing 🤔 “ish” (“suffix -esque, one of a class of what are called adjectival suffixes, is adopted from the French version of the Italian suffix -esco, related to the standard English adjectival suffix -ish, and all of them mean like, or related to or characteristic of -esque is more specialized, while -ish has additional senses”) as in Danish, Finnish, Irish, Polish, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, British/English🤭……that other “ish” 🤫is all under the same lie/club using triple six like a gang sign in the overstanding of things 🤯 that counterfeit game is strong and the unsealing is so real. All esteem be to Yahuah

  6. I think the last Godzilla movie is a very strong clue about leviathan. There is consistent messaging about hollow earth and a world of sea and land beasts that are “awakened”
    There is nothing new under the sun

  7. No Sir I would submit to you, That beast you speak of in scripture is not a man but like a man. Just like the two angels that visited Sodom and the cities of the plain to people they appeared as men unto man. Yet no man/men were they at all, angels are not man/men. However they are male!

  8. Excellent study once again ….I watched an israelite break down of the description of leviathan and behemoth about 1 year ago it is amazing what TMH has created. There is another creature called a cockatrice Isaiah 11v8, 14v29, 59v5 and Jeremiah 8v17. 🤓😊

  9. Finance Economic Department committees sub compacts Confirmations Confederated Against Who Makes Merchandise Out Of Who

    Research Glass Seagal Act Research Glass Seagal or die ( Denis Small) before him Denis Small /Little Denis = Anno Domini Dionysus Exiguus induction of Easter Ishtar Calendar.

    These are Systems of Oppression and Genocides etc. In the Name of Peace and Blessings by One Absorb into One= Wicked Man Devices ruled by Evil. Always seek to take Yah's Temple, Change My Yah Time, Line= Children Understand Overstand Pre-Awareness Post Preparedness Historical Facts Scriptural Truths= Remedies.

  10. The new season of Sabrina the teenage witch. the whole damn season talks of US and OUR ancestors. I looked up the names of their gods they speak of and
    They are Dark Skinned ppl from Sumerian & Egypt.


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