7 Dispensations Of Yah or of Satan – ORIGINAL UPLOAD 2016

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Comment (38)

  1. Thanks for confirming there will never be a rapture happening.. another False Doctrine they taught us in the church.!! Thank you Abba YAH for taking us out from the LIES !!!
    Frm the Fiji Islands!!!

  2. I Kno am totally out of topic but , am a young single mom who live in guyana. I have a three year old son who have to start school this new term . After being educated about the vaccine in 2019 I stop him from having the rest . But inorder for him to start school he need this vaccine that he miss over his development. An if I don't allow him to go school it's will be called child neglect.an I know the whole system is lies an it's mis guide an educate us all in lies .I just need an input on this please

  3. Shalom family and associate of mine her uncle passed and she gave me this book and the name of the book is the dispensational truth by Clarence Larkin published in 1920 anyway I'm glad that sister Deborah will be speaking on this cuz I didn't know what to do with this book YAH is good Halleluyah

  4. Rapture came from the catholic church a girl had a dream or something like that. It was to throw people off in my eyes

  5. All Praises To YAHUAH for this prayer. In these days most don’t understand how important it is to wake up alive, which is an opportunity to repent and avoid hell. This world has gone so far left, and there is no right in it. In my household, we understand how important obedience to YAHUAH is, and being able to have victory over sin is the greatest accomplishments in my marriage. To be able to defeat temptation, and smile doing it has to please YAHUAH!






  7. My wife and I were just going over genesis 6, and we did a lesson on verse 13, when he mentioned the violence being increased, and how he destroyed them with the earth, and when YAHUSHA said, “The last days shall be as the days of Noah,” and YAHUAH mentioning in verse 13 of genesis chapter 6, “I will destroy them with the earth,” this is a precept of Isaiah 54:16, which mentions “the waster to destroy, I made it, and it is the smith that burns in coal of fire!” All this means is that if the element of water was used to destroy Noah’s day, the fire from these nuclear weapons are from YAHUAH, and YAH Does have his way, and there is nothing we can do about it. YAHUAH is very angry during this time, and I am extremely afraid of the father in heaven. All these things are taking place on the earth, but the only thing I think about is standing before him. I’m very afraid of YAHUAH, I can’t even explain it!

  8. Caleb was a Gentile, but was adopted into the Tribe of Judah, after returning with a Good Report. He was given Judah Tribal land near Hebron. Yah Bless. 🎯💖👑

  9. Prayers to you all family and may Yahuah continue to speak Truth through us all HalleluYah PRAISE Yahuah

  10. Science is just the discovering of Yah's creation, like that verse "It is the glory of Yah to conceal a thing and the glory of kings to search it out.. Only now, it has become perverted into a religion and facts changed to feelings.

  11. Truth has NO Equal.
    Facts don't = Truth.
    You can find facts in Truth, but Facts don't always "lead to" Truth.
    Science: man's explanation of YAH in action.
    Fact definition – a thing that is known or proved to be true.
    I believe the proved to be true part should be rewritten to "or used to find the Truth". Facts change according to the beholder. Depending on circumstance or situation facts can lead to a lie.
    I question folks who are always screaming…Facts💯, why not say Truth? Maybe it's just me.

  12. Some Homebirths don't give the government the opportunity to collect DNA, create Strawman, vaccinate and issue government contracts giving up your child (Birth certificate); and issue a product code (Social security number).
    *Bible and Baptismal Records aren't being accepted in majority of places either.

  13. People who don’t treat you right won’t teach you or take care of you right. We too trusting

  14. These docs have been working with eugenics to exterminate black people every since they were brought over from Hitlers time! No trust at all.

  15. Mark 8:36- “For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world, and forfeit his soul?

    Mark 8:37- “For what will a man give in exchange for his soul?

  16. Now I know where the story of Jack and the Beanstalk come from. ( man started fighting back against the giants)

  17. Science is things created in stages/steps.

  18. Britain has evil smile in your face doctors. Went to gp for knee pain and female gp wanted to prescribe Diazepam. When I said I wasn't going to take this because I know what it does to the mental health she said nothing. I knew she knew. I have since been back but now am seen by another GP. Then a Caucasian nurse literally stabs me while injecting me in arm. She could not even contain her grunt as she stabbed me. My arm was so bruised and saw afterwards. Then you will get them referring to you as aggressive for saying ouch. The black man has police to contend with and the women the medical establishment.

  19. It was a test of obedience….will they obey or disobey…they disobeyed….and here we are☹️. STAY ON YAH’S PATH…for HIS WORD does not return void…can I have a HalleluYah….♥️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  20. Praise YAH family!!! YAH revealed in my heart in the beginning of 2020 when they began to talk about a vaccine He told me this is the Mark of the BEAST..I started telling my family.. neighbors and relatives not to be vaccinated..coz this is the Mark of the beast…!! I have no doubt that whatever Abba YAH revealed in My heart is TRUTH confirming His Word in Rev 13:16-18.. And they shall not buy or sell unless they receive the mark..And after a year that's exactly whats happening now in 2021 NO JAB NO JOB!!NO VACC NO SELL!! THE RIGHTS OF AN INDIVIDUAL HAS BEEN TAKEN AWAY FROM US!! Unless you present your VACC ID then you will receive public or government services before our eyes in our small island county..!! But the church leaders are promoting the vaccine on TV as a surmon..for their congregation to not be afraid of the needle confirming them this vaccine is not the MARK OF THE BEAST!! They're telling them that the RAPTURE of the church is going to happen first before the mark is implemented..!!
    This are the false prophets talked about in the scriptures leading many astray… Blind Leaders leads the blind an they all fall in the ditch!! But I ll Keep on witnessing about the TRUTH and exposing the LIE before YAH says to me "TIME IS UP!" SHALOM FAMILY!!

  21. Monsters makes a lot of sense b/c whenever there’s a hurricane local police keep guard over the beaches to keep people from going onto the beach 🏖 just in case something washes up on shore. Also check out the reports of the Solomon Islands 🇸🇧

  22. I’ve seen black people predict or have their words come to past often.

    As well I’ve seen some strange things with my own two eyes. I believe what y’all are saying.


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