A double minded man is unstable, Shepherd of Hermas pt 4

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  1. I have asked but I can't find out how to be interactive with you during shabat. I see you reading posts from listeners during the show. How can I do this? I feel I am missing out. There are times that I want to comment on what is being said. Please help me with this. Todah rabah.

  2. Didn't the scriptures says he will gather and take us back on the wings of an eagle, nothing about ships…so why move near to course etc, Sister Deborah is right no need draw near to the seas.

  3. I agree these doctors are witch doctors, I work with them and when I bring my health juice in they make fun of my health juice referring to it as vomit but they don't deter me I continue drinking my healthy juice..

  4. I was present at a birth in the hospital and advised the new mum about not letting these wicked demons give her baby any drugs as the baby is well healthy etc, the minute I left the hospital she agreed to let them give her baby drugs frightening her that she could not live with her self if she refuse these drugs and something could happen to her baby…. she fell for it and let them induce their drugs in her baby,

  5. Shalom and halleluyah.  Who did Hermas really worshipped?  Complete learning is never without learning from each other.  Some teachers enjoy teaching, but they have a high resistance to learning from others.  Hermas, the brother of Pope Pius 1, was a gentile Christian.  He was not a follower of Yahushua Messiah.  He worshipped
    Serapis, an engraved image of Ptolemy 1.

  6. I'm very double minded. how to worship yah without being mean to unbelievers because I tend to be very I don't do that I can't talk about that.people at work have starTed attacking me verbally cause I don't do what I use to. I get so tired I just join in with them so they can leave me alone

  7. Shalom! Great message, love it. My husband and I will continue to follow you all. We love your{TRUTH} messages.

  8. I'm happy to see this in many parts. I'm going over the vids and scripts repeatedly over past few days. This is a strong study like many others. Shabbat Shalom

  9. I'm really enjoying these lessons, on the Spirits & Sherppard of Hermes. And the feed back at the end was awesome too.. And I love the Praise Songs and team. And the baby cooing in the background. They sound so happy and blessed. That's how old church used to sound. May, Yah Shines His face Upon You and your Ministry. You have been a blessing me in my growth, walk, and me waking up to false theology and religion. Thanks for Hard Work in studying and reading. To present these videos to us. That takes so much time. And you have to maintain a home. Time is one of the most valuable things that we have outside of Yah and our family. So thanks for yours. I don't go to the doctor for check ups. Ppl get mad at me. Say I'm crazy. But I just think that going to the doctor is so nessesary. It's is for emergencies. In a lot of cases it's nessesary for some ppl. But, I never claim generational illness on either side of my family tree. I try to eat right. I exercise. And I'm okay. I'm not on no medications. I just don't trust doctors. They try to get you on meds for the rest of your life. And that's not one of my goals in life. My goal is to live a nice boring clean holy life. Be Holy. Just set apart. If you exercise you avoid body replacements. And you never to old or big. If you think you'll to old or big. Try "New Way To Move" The instuctor is (Curtis Edwards). And "Body and Spirit" with (Dick Nunez". At one time I stop exercising. Got out of shape. And I had to use the two instuctors I mentioned, just to get in shape to exercise. I do exercises home it's easier. You can work out in your drawers and tees, when you at home. And you'll stick to it. And it's free. Shalom Family.


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