A ground report from Sderot: Citizens fear the return of explosions | World Latest English News

Watch this ground report from Sderot where population has dropped drastically over the years as citizens fear the return of explosions.

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Comment (46)

  1. citizens fear the return of explosions?
    wow they felt fear so fast and didn't take anytime to play victim card…..😂

    One can't understand pain unless they experience the same……

    No explanations for the corrupted peoples ,only action needed most…..
    I proud of you Gaza , take back what is ours……
    time will come back we will take back our lands as we did back in history…..

  2. Why not fight the army instead of attacking civilians who cannot attack back?
    All civilians of Sderot must protest against these rocket attacks. That is the only weapon you have!

  3. Once lebanon was a chritian country
    But peaveful people were taken as refugees and those refugees changed the demography of lebanon and made it an Islamic country
    Rest is history

  4. They always hide behind citizens as normal person and their people call them not terrioist as religious fighter. And also what you country and citizens supporting that. This is clearly violation 😬

  5. Wion is always biased when it comes to reporting on Muslims. What an injustice to Muslims. Please change your attitude.

  6. Soon Zionist regime will get what they deserve.runing away from occupied Palestine God bless Palestinian.🙏✌️✌️✌️

  7. the only way gaza is getting rockets is through egypt and the rockets are most likely american. it is common knowledge that america creates these terrorist organisation or at least supply them with weapons only for money and controlling oil prices. never trust america when they say they are a peace loving country. it is all in the name of profits nothing else – A concerned Human

  8. 🕊Extremely disappointed .. the whole world knows the true face of Israel .
    🕊How much did Britain payed you guys to sale your soul ???

  9. make trouble get trouble back * boomerang karma children * god just keeps looking away * we're on our own & this is the best we can do?..shameful humanity! 🧚🏻‍♂️ 🎥 🌌

  10. israel, hit them back hard. Stop allowing pallies to use their workingpermits sothat thet have no money and stop giving them water and electra. Defend yourself israel, thats your right.

  11. The United States, European Union, and NATO have all failed in their protection of Democracy and Freedom if Ukraine loses one foot of ground. These organizations have hardly responded with other then news headlines to show the public they are doing something. But that something has not yielded much in an OFFENSIVE weapon capability that allows Ukraine to push Russia out of Ukraine. What they have been getting is DEFENSIVE weapons which hardly hold the line against Russia. A lot of it is old off the shelf weapons these countries want to get off their shelves and replace with new. Purging old inventory if you will. The supply news headlines are way ahead of Ukraine actually getting a serious amount of weapons. They are still trying to figure out how to get the weapons to the country, and front lines in time. The need is urgent. Ukraine is a country not to be lost from Democracy. Else we will be fighting a Ukrainian Communist country in the future. I would be really upset if the United States, European Union, and NATO lost in Ukraine. It is not only Ukraine's loss, but the world's loss also. Russia will hold the world hostage in agricultural food supply if Russia wins. Also all the oil, and minerals Ukraine has to offer. It really is big loss for the free world. A loss shows we have a leadership in these organizations that should resign, and be replaced. The free world cannot depend on them. Perhaps we need WWIII to eliminate Russian bullies from the world for the safety of future generations.

  12. Some day those terrorist will lick off the dust and they will vanish just like the philistines and Babylon too.

  13. Check out how many rockets the terrorist launched against Israel and how many where directed to military structures in the past 2 decades . We Israel civilians live all our lives in terror because if is not a bomb is a crazy terrorist blowing himself up or shooting or stabbing civilians in the back. The Arabs here go in the street without fear.
    Israel proposed 2 states solution 5 times, but they don't want peace. We also won all the wars when they and their allies came to exterminate us, but that's not enough for international community.

  14. It's like a norm that both Countries launch rockets at each at this time of each year and it increases during summer like some sort of Festival.

    The normal People pay with their blood by losing their lives, while fat ass, pot-belly TERRORIST leaders and POLITRICKCIANS leading both Countries chillax with their families on 5 star meals with Chicken, Steaks

  15. Behind Ukraine using them & killing innocent people, The Biggest Agenda hiding fighting Russia to finish them is Nto Euro us had this planned out & they spread Terriors in India so they cannot help Russia, They want to dictate world so Russia must beware ASAP Red Warning ⚠️ Hugh Trap by nto to finish Russia army & weapons.

  16. I don't understand why they even bother with those shitty rockets, most get taken out by iron Dome and the ones that get through don't do much! If I were in charge of Hamas and actually wanted to do damage, I would load the rockets with asbestos powder so when iron Dome hits them it disperses it across a large area?

  17. Do Indians really support Israeli occupation and kicking out of Palestinians from their home lands that they’ve been in for thousands of years? I’d like to hear the takes of other Indian people, or I’ll just assume the majority of Indian people commenting are the stance of Indians.

  18. Şimdi Filistinlilerin İsrailli teröristler tarafından saldırıya uğradıklarında nasıl hissettiklerini anlıyorsunuz.

  19. Israel needs to go back into Lebanon and the other territories and eliminate the threat entirely and once and for all and if they have to go to Syria or Iran then so be it. They have been patient for too long.

  20. KJV, Luke, Ch. 11, Vs. 2-4.

    "Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, as in heaven, so in earth. Give us day by day our daily bread. And forgive us our sins; for we also forgive every one that is indebted to us. And lead us not into temptation; but deliver us from evil."

  21. People have problems to recognize who is who. Where's the Palestine? What happened to it. 60 years ago 78% Arabs.

  22. Tell To Joe Baiden If The Iranian Regime To Will Try Making A New Cold War Who Supported From The CCP-BEIJING Dictator + A Russian Putin Oligarchy Tyrant With The Deadly Mass Killer Weapon's Into A Regional Conflict on The International Proxy-Wars Behind Agenda _ I Suggest To All if You : Don't Buying – $elling Anything From A Chinese Products Because They Just Only To A Their Profitable 🖱️🖥️⌨️📡🛰️🪖🚀🧑‍💻💻📱🙏💸🌍🇸🇦🤖🇮🇩 Itulah Wajah Munafikin Para Khilafah-Kadrun Jakarta-Jawa Utk Mengeruk Kekayaan Daerah Buat Memperkaya Para Bohir Penyokong Konsep-Khilafah Bersama Eks Ormas2Radikal FPI-HTI Pro PKS DLL Ujung2nya Di Sumbangkan Kpd Militan Kardunis2Extrimist Global Spt HAMAS-ISIS Jihadist DST Dgn Modus Sumbangan $olidaritas Ke Agamaan DLL 😎💸🌍🇸🇦🤖🇮🇩


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