A-PORK-alypse 2: Pork Worm Invasion

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Comment (31)

  1. The beast just looks detestable while just standing there that combined with the facts on the affects WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO PUT THIS IN YOUR MOUTH TO CHEW SWALLOW To DIGEST ??? Just look at the pic. I can’t look at it longer than a few seconds at a time.

  2. Very interesting. This reminds me when I watched Anthony Bourdain's show. He was in South Africa with a primitive tribe and they caught a wild boar, cut it up, didn't wash it, cooked it and ate it. I was disgusted after that
    Anthony the host died at an early age because he was a goat and ate anything and everything.

  3. Thanks for sharing. I DO NOT EAT PORK. I am tightening up on my diet going more alkaline and now trying to learn more about hybrid man made veggies. Been reading and studying DR. Sebi info. I gonna share this video with a family member who I have told them before they needed to stop eating pork
    Well they did not listen or even value what I was telling them. They have high blood pressure taking medication that is cancer causing. Now they have to get a colonoscopy cuz last time they had a check up possible colon cancer was detected. I will share this with them
    Maybe because its coming from a Man they may value the truth?. I know that I am not a pork eater but this has inspired me to examine my diet more
    To grow some of my own veggies and to drink good alkaline water just to tweek my diet better cuz they are altering our foods. And PORK is something we should not consume its full of disease and it makes a persons body stink. My family members when I have to be around them I notice they have a foul body odor if they have not tried to drown it out with cologne
    Lol. Thanks for info

  4. Abominable Foods such as 🐖 Pigs and Shrimps 🍤 is a Gateway into our spirit to resist TMH GOD. This leads to Rebellion of His Authority. Many will lust after pork like they lust after a woman or sex. Evil Spirits attachment with these creatures YAH told us to stay away from it . Notice people become emotional attitude changes when they consume it. Be Blessed Brother WATCHMAN and we Love you too continue to Teach Yahs People

  5. Yeah but chicken has worms,beef isn't safe ,and even vegetables are spliced into other things now.Its an outright attack on humans all around.Theres no telling what's in the vaccines and wic milk they give the minority people.So nothing is safe hardly anymore.Their even shooting diseases into the deere now.Most of these diseases and viruses are man-made and demons are behind it.They can cook a quail in ingredients that contain pork at a restaurant..or on a grill where pork was cooked and still spread infestation.Water isn't even safe and natural.Satan is so busy.He is headed to destruction.Mainly all processed foods have some pork element.So if people are gone go porkless they should go meatless and just eat steamed vegetables that they grow at home seasoned with herbs.You can't say you don't eat pork, but you eat food products with pork in them.I eat mainly chicken and beef.It is filthy to because man is doing unlawful things to them.But my grandmah if she eat pork it runs her pressure up sky high.She is cautious with it.So it's something extra going with that pork.As a child my aunt cooked it and it was good in those greens..but as an adult now I don't eat pork like crazi nomore.It puts pure fat on a body.I plan to stop eating it.

  6. Watchman wear your glasses. I do the same thing and can’t see what I’m reading. My daughter is always telling me put your glasses on. Lol

  7. matthew 15 states what we eat goes through the stomach and then into the sewer but the words we speak come from the heart so it is not what goes in a person in which defiles but what comes out. what do u think blessing ur food is for? all food is somewhat unclean , contaminated , etc.

  8. Smh..this is crazy but our people usually love them some pork! and then they look at you like your crazy when you turn down pork bacon etc..they can keep the worms to themselves no thank you..I think the new drug for black folks is called porkcrack!!!…we need a intervention in a pork rehab…just say No!! Thank you..

  9. Truly disgusting. Even if you 'kill the worms', WHY eat something with DEAD WORMS in it? Disgusting! Let that pork go my people!

  10. He may have been Chinese eating raw pork. That boar looks horrible. A lot of Pale people like raw meats especially Asian people. When I stop eating pork ribs I tried beef ribs and they were so much tastier. They are really good.

  11. Pour some Coke on a raw piece of pork wait 15 monutes and the whole piece of meat will be covered with worms this is why YAHUA told us NOT to eat it . Some say cooking it will kill the worms I say what about the dead cooked worms you are what you eat .


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